The Celtics don't have a captain. The 2015-16 season was the first time the franchise went without a captain for the whole year.

So who should be the team's next leader? The answer is pretty easy. Isaiah Thomas has more than earned it.

Thomas has only been with the team for a year and a half and he's already the face of the franchise. He was picked as the person to represent the team during the draft lottery. He's been very active as a recruiter and has embraced Boston pretty much since he stepped foot on the parquet. How can you ask for more?

Sure, there could be arguments made for other guys who have been here longer, like Avery Bradley. But it doesn't seem like Bradley has the kind of personality to be the face of a team. Thomas is outgoing and sweats enthusiasm.

Marcus Smart has the tools to be a leader, but he's more of the Kevin Garnett kind of leader where he should form into the team's emotional captain. Same for Jae Crowder. Thomas fits easily into the Paul Pierce role.

This is Thomas' team and hopefully will continue to be so for quite some time. I mean how do you not love this?

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Eric Blaisdell 7/04/2016 06:06:00 PM Edit
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