In case you missed it, on Tuesday Brian Windhorst suggested on the Lowe Post that it would make sense for the Cleveland Cavaliers to trade Kevin Love for Avery Bradley & Jae crowder. Windhorst pointed out that the Cavaliers likely would have no interest in draft picks, and that the Boston Celtics lack exceptionally talented players.

I documented why I didn't think it'd be wise for the Celtics. Essentially, it's extremely difficult to find the right kind of talent to compliment Love, and banking on being able to acquire the kinds of players to support him is too unlikely of a task to want to take on.

But there is one team in the league that seems nearly perfect for Love. A team that can provide him with both the shot blocking and play making that could allow Love to return to form: And that gets us to our trade idea:

Boston Celtics receive: Blake Griffin
Cleveland Cavaliers receive: Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley, Jonas Jerebko
Los Angeles Clippers receive: Kevin Love, #16 overall pick, future Cleveland first

While Love & two firsts might not scream out with the kind of value that the Clippers could get for a former MVP candidate, is there any question that they'd be undoubtedly a significantly better team (while allowing them to get away from the health concerns circling Blake). The Clippers are nearly perfect for Love - a team that's able to hide his weaknesses, and capitalize on his strengths. Love provides the spacing the team needs to get the most out of CP3 & Deandre, while allowing them to become downright menacing on the glass. Both of these things, by the way, could create gigantic issues for the Golden State Warriors in a potential match up.

Conventional thinking dictates the Celtics would need to surrender the #3 pick and more to land Blake, but the Cavs present a wrinkle. They don't want draft picks. They've no use for them. They want to win now, and what they need are guys who can compliment Lebron James. And while Crowder & Bradley aren't superstars, they're exceptionally equipped to compliment a star like Lebron.

Long term, that's great for the Celtics - who'll likely only have to compete with Lebron for a few more years (and still would be able to with Blake), and who'd make out like bandits on the trade based on the Cavs' unique circumstance.

MattDotRich 6/08/2016 01:40:00 PM Edit
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