Late last night, NBA guru Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports broke some pretty hefty news involving 2016's most sought after free agent, Kevin Durant.
Of the six teams getting meetings with Durant on July 1st, the Boston Celtics are the only team with the cap space to sign two max-level contracts this summer.

But what does this mean for the C's?

A few months ago, it was reported Durant's agent met with several teams and discussed whom the seven-time All-Star wanted to be paired up with this offseason should he decide to leave Oklahoma City when free agency opens up in July.

Zach Lowe gave us a soundbite indicating one of the key guys on Durant's list of possible sidekicks.

I heard from two really powerful guys (in the league) - who don't normally BS around - they said that they have heard that Horford is on the shortlist of guys that Durant would really want to play with.

With the Atlanta Hawks' hopes for a title with their current cast likely on the downswing, especially after trading away star point guard Jeff Teague, Al Horford likely won't want to sign a lucrative deal to remain with the team through the rebuilding years. At age 30, his golden years are limited, and won't want to waste them on a fringe-playoff team.

Boston was rumored to trade for Horford at the deadline last season, but didn't want to shell out too much with the big man set to hit free agency in July, according to Woj.

"But then in summer free agency, part of the reason sources tell me that Boston didn’t make an immense offer to Atlanta for Al Horford was because Horford is a free agent this summer. Boston feels like it’s got a real chance to get Horford in free agency. I think Danny Ainge’s patience is going to pay off."

If Durant really wants to play with Horford, Boston has more than enough space to make it happen. We went into detail of the logistics of signing both back in February.

Hell, even this user on Twitter indicates the C's have the cap space for Durant to bring one of his buddies along, if that's what it would take to bring him to Boston.

Yeah, Durant could sign a one-year deal with the Thunder with the salary cap taking a major spike again next year, making one last effort with Russell Westbrook for a run at a title. Then, he could make the big call on his future destination next summer.

Or he could strike while the iron is hot and sign with the Warriors, the team that "has Durant's interest" according to Woj, and form one of the most formidable teams in NBA history consisting of Curry, Thompson, Green, and himself.

Though both the Thunder and Warriors hold the title as favorites to land him this offseason, it certainly doesn't hurt the Celtics' chances to be the only team with enough money to bring in the guy of Durant's choosing. In fact, ESPN's Chris Forsberg indicated that a lack of a blockbuster trade on Thursday's NBA Draft may have helped the C's chances due to increased cap flexibility.

If nothing else, who else is offering free crab legs for life?

Durant will meet with each organization on July 1st and is expected to have a decision made by July 9th.

Jack Pilgrim 6/25/2016 12:30:00 PM Edit
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