The Celtics successfully defended their homecourt to tie-up the series against the Hawks on Sunday night, making it a best-of-three series. Atlanta’s fans are fired up about several topics including, well – being Atlanta fans.

Millsap is the hero in the loss, deserving of a steak dinner. 
Great game, Paul.  I cannot come up with words for that last play in regulation.

I’m to sorry Paul Millsap that every one of your teammates went cold on your greatest performance thus far.

Millsap better be in that locker room going tf off on everyone. He was literally the only one who actually played like he gaf.

The Hawks owe Millsap a nice steak dinner.

Great performance by Paul Millsap wasted.

What an embarrassing performance by Hawks not named Paul Millsap.

Tell me Millsap ain’t thinking, “I did all that or what?” right now.

Paul Millsap is a badass and his team is rewarding him with an abysmal performance.

Pathetic close out by the Hawks. Millsap was ignored late and not sure what the heck Coach Bud was going. Series was there for the taking…

Millsap puts on one of the best games in a Hawks uniform and we blow it because Jeff Teague had a brain fart in the 4th quarter.

I have no words for this Hawks game. Paul Millsap answered his critics, but the rest of the team is apparently still in Atlanta.

Overtime is a little déjà vu.
Hawks gave that one away. How do you have 15 secs left on the clock-in a tied game – and you don’t get a shot off? SMH.

The Hawks had 15 seconds and said “no thanks, we will wait until 3 seconds left to disappoint an entire city.”

Hawks get what they ask for. You played for OT. Run a damn play with 15 secs. DUMB!!

That last play of regulation was a stinker.

This is the worst OT team I’ve ever seen in my life.

This team’s OT and late game execution is horrific.

It’s been 26 years since the Hawks won an OT playoff game.

You knew we were going to lose this after that final possession in the 4th quarter.

Are we ever gonna have a hot shooting night from 3 in these playoffs?

Hawks never good in OT, hell they barely play 4 quarters let alone 5.

There’s a reason the Hawks are completely awful at the end of a game and in overtime.

There’s not ONE, not ONE clutch player on the roster.

Awwww Bazemore did that whole cool dance for nothing.

Do we try to lose at the end of games?  That is the worst end of game play possibly ever.

Shame Shame Shame

I knew it, they choke.

Choking an Atlanta tradition.

That was straight up terrible to watch.

Hawks just choked.

Hawks panic in pressure situations.

The refs are at it again.
These refs are horrid.

I’m not usually the one to call out the refs, but the calls have been horrendous so far.

This has been a really disappointing minute of officiating and that’s putting it lightly.

Biased ass refs kept us from winning. Shouldn’t have even gone to OT.

I usually do that “refs were bad both ways” thing, because they usually are but dear lord.

It’s tough to be an Atlanta fan (for any sport).

Hawks are frauds.

Growing up an Atlanta sports fan has prepared me for any defeat in life.

To be an Atlanta fan…any sport…

My girlfriend has been with me for 2 NBA playoffs now making her fully aware of my hatred for myself since I continue to root for the Hawks.

If anyone wonders why I hate being an Atlanta sports fan, there you go.

My teams got me lower than my math grade.

Are people really this shocked when an ATL team performs like that? This is a 6/10 on the ATL sports scale.

This is SO Atlanta. You can count on it.

Of course it ends this way. This is what we’ve been used to in Atlanta for my entire 28 years of life. In all sports.

Atlanta sports, I wish I could quit you. Just like you did before overtime...

I honestly didn’t know there are passionate Hawks fans.

Hawks please forfeit the playoffs please. I’d rather watch college women’s tournament than watch this nonsense.

*Insert bad words here*

2-2. Heading back to that half-empty building.

I blame coach Bud for Hawks loss. Rotations and decisions on last couple of plays of regulation really hurt.

Quite possibly the WORST drawn up “play” in the recorded history of basketball!

The old “Look at the clock and let time expire” play. Well drawn, Coach Bud.

Coach Bud is not a good game time coach.

Teague-time is not a good time.
Teague under 2 minutes = clutch
Teague under 2 seconds = useless

Live and die by the Teague.

Did the batteries run out in Jeff Teague’s controller?

Then Teague pulls that nonsense to end regulation…

Turrible just turrible.

I feel Jeff thinks he is a star and can create on that. Thinks, NOT is.

How many times have we had to watch Jeff handle a late game situation terribly!?

Ok that was just awful. How does Teague not know that you HAVE TO GO AT 8 seconds? Everyone knows that.

Why did Teague just dribble away 15 secs to end the 4th though?

If the team bus leaves Jeff Teague at the Boston arena tonight, we know it won’t be by mistake.

I'm so infuriated with Teague right now... it's not even funny.

It's on Teague for STANDING there and not calling for the pick until 5 seconds. That was terrible.

You shaving points, Teague???

Teague.  Dudes a mental dumpster fire.

There is concern for Kris Humphries’ whereabouts.
Where the hell is Kris Humphries btw?

Whoa was that a Kris Humphries sighting?

Can someone explain to me why Kris Humphries is not getting any playing time?

Boston has an “aura” over Atlanta.
I’ll NEVER cheer for the Celtics. But after tonight, I really want the Hawks to lose this series.

Now I hope Hawks lose after that final play. And I want a Cavs Celtics rematch. Payback to Olynyk.

To be fair to the Hawks, I can see how you’d lose track of Amir Johnson. He is only 6 inches taller than any Celtics player out there.

No killer instinct. Pansies!  Someone should have knocked IT's teeth out by now, or at least go at him at the end of regulation TEAGUE.

We need to squash Boston and their hopes tonight, then finish them off at home.
Are we really struggling this much with a depleted Boston team?

Isaiah Thomas shouldn’t’ have even played in this game, but this series is the NBA’s first round cash cow.

I hope someone gets vociferously chewed out for leaving Jerebko wide open those two times closing out the quarter.

Boston is in Dennis’ head. They boo, he looks unsure, then tries to hush them with a bad shot.

Boston just has an aura over Atlanta, Atlanta sports teams will NEVER EVER win anything significant against Boston and will struggle in the regular season against them.

No brainer for me. I am sick of losing to the Celtics in the playoffs. It would be embarrassing to lose to them this year with their injuries and our better roster makeup.

I said beware of Boston and I said this was going 7.

Worst end of game play design ever, John Farrell must have drawn it up.

I’ve seen Even Turner make 1 good play and 9 TERRIBLE ones. Why is he in there for their crunch time?

Name me one positive play Jared Sullinger has made during this game. Just one. That’s all I’m asking.

A. Belichick’s blonde is a smokeshow. B. Boston has to have the biggest collection of meathead fans in the world.

Oh it’s the New England “Fat”riots at the Hawks v. Celtics game.

I don’t like dirty players…Hawks please quit playing hopscotch with these wanna be bullies.

Sullinger thought Teague was a Big Mac. He was salivating.

Jared Sullinger would make more of an impact on this game being a speed bump on Causeway Street.

That wasn’t the nicest chant for Dennis here in Boston. Kinda surprised.

These Boston fans are #1 in the obnoxious category.

Crowder is a thug.

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