On a night where a true Celtics icon likely played his last game in the TD Garden, Paul Pierce was showered with praise before and somewhat during the game. The Clippers however weren't interested in The Truth focusing on the good times he had in Boston, rather the worst time, strangely re-enacting when Pierce was stabbed multiple times. Whatever their intentions were, it didn't matter, as the Celtics went on to win this thrill ride of a game in overtime before heading to the All-Star Break.


Imagine the Clippers with Danny Ainge as GM, droooolll!!!!

Boston has an amazing crowd and fan base, legendary franchise

I'd take the 07-08 Celtics and the 2012-2013 Heat over the warriors in the playoffs

Player of the Game


Prior to the game, I was a little surprised but still impressed with the amount of respect some Clippers fans were giving the Celtics. Long overdue in my opinion.

This will be tough, no doubt about it. The Celtics are on a roll at the moment, Isiah Thomas in particular is white hot.

This one is going to be a tough task. Expectations are low for this one.

Things I'm watching out for: That spark plug of a point guard on the Celtics; Paul will have his hands full tonight.

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Their 2nd units D is giving the Clips a problem.

One of the Boston commentators has it out for Chris Paul...

Man, Cole has picked up 3 fouls in just 4 minutes. Sheesh.

You might want to sit Jamal now I'm guessing.

Crawful needs to stop shooting (Felt like Celtics fans for were saying the same thing. Just proper spelling.)

They def don't look tired from last night!

CP3 flops, doesn't get the call, and hurts his finger.

High scoring game. Defense has to pickup second half or pray the Celts cool off.

Boston is like mini warriors with all these wing and backcourt players (Well, that's probably the nicest thing anybody has ever said)

Too bad Paul Pierce's 55-foot heave didn't count. That was an awesome shot at the end of the half.

Yeah they look like they have a pretty good team. The re build happened quicker than I thought it would.

Danny Ainge has shown himself to be a very nice GM. He's cashed in on a good amount of solid deals and racked up a lot of assets.

Giving up 71 points in one half is a disaster.

Just bench Pierce.

all guts by this Boston team.

Imagine this Celtics team with Blake.

Imagine the Clippers with Danny Ainge as GM, droooolll!!!!

Fourth quarter. Will experience beat youth?

CP is just saving this game right now, sheesh

Weren't Turner and Stephenson not the best of friends when they played together in Indiana?

Bradley from my recent memory has not had great success defending JJ for some reason, don't know why, but even as a good defender, JJ's offensive method just doesn't work for him

So many blown attempts at the rim

Boston has an amazing crowd and fan base, legendary franchise

Every time I see Sullinger I keep thinking Big Baby

Jamal's homie Isiah Thomas is killing it

Nail biter. Can't give them any extra looks. Geez.

Wesley is soft, Smart is a bull

I'll take OT at worst.

I knew Thomas was making it, not sure why they switched DJ on to him again

Well they fouled out Crowder at least.

What a grind out game. Can't leave any points on the line. I wouldn't want another OT.

Leaving too many at the foul line.

Can't believe the missed free throws.Boston making their's.

Game over. The hack a DJ that led to OT worked.

Free throws.... Who would have thought we'd lose because our best freethrow shooters all miss free throws

I'd take the 07-08 Celtics and the 2012-2013 Heat over the warriors in the playoffs

To be a heretic could Austin have done a less bad job defending Thomas.

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