The Celtics knocked off the Thunder in Oklahoma City 100-85, holding OKC to just 15 points over the game's final 17 minutes.  Watching your team lead by 11 in the third quarter and then lose by 15 is clearly a very frustrating experience.  Thunder fans took most of their aggression out on new head coach Billy Donovan.

The highlights (with my own commentary):

(Is there such a thing as "good" Dion Waiters?)  I guess we have bad Waiters today. Just throwing the ball up praying it goes in.

(You know things are bad when somebody brings up Sebastian Telfair)  We should have kept Telfair as a third-string veteran guard.

(Um...)  Russell v. Smart is the new Bill Russell v. Wilt Chamberlain

The misguided bettor:

OKC - 4 1/2 ? I'm heading straight to Vegas and put some money down.

The full slate:

Russ needs to settle down, celts are ****ing with him, trying to get into his head

the celtics play defense that would make tom izzo proud. bunch of goons

WTF gets into smart when he plays against us??

I guess we have bad Waiters today. Just throwing the ball up praying it goes in.

The Celtics really are a bunch of goons, especially Smart.

Okay Sullinger and Marcus Smart , you both have been warned by the refs, calm down and back off Westbrook. Geeez!

it's pretty amazing that marus smart learns how to shoot when he plays the thunder. when he's not playing the thunder he shoots about as well as roberson

Frustrating thing is, he's not even taking and making a bunch of layups and wide-open jumpers. He's made a handful of difficult long 2s and a crazy runner in the 1st half.

Go sit tf down Smart

Smart and Westbrook on a playground.

Russell v. Smart is the new Bill Russell v. Wilt Chamberlain

Switched up their defense and we can't figure it out. Nice coaching billy d

offense is hot garbage tonight. i'm not even sure what they're trying to run at this point.

Here we go. Classic OKC this season. Singler - DJ - Dion - Kanter - Collison on the floor, looking like a college team and destroying all that we worked on all game.

Yo wtf am I watching? This is like watching a high school basketball team. We suck at passing the ball so bad it's not even funny. Come on this is badd. Really ugly basketball on our end tonight.

I hope billy donovan makes it, but this expensive roster aint playin as well as last year,and that one sucked.

The whole team had a brick night.

lazy bad defense and we have no clue what to do on offense. we've got collison throwing up jump hooks and giving up layups. just sloppy and lazy. at least the B team last year tried to play some D and was pretty damn good at it

We're supposed to go to the finals?? Lmaooooo MUCH work needs to be done before we're even close to that level.

So much for In game adjustments we all hoped billy d would bring.

We were up by 11 at one point in the 3rd quarter and now we're down by 13 in the 4th.

Read on yahoo sports dion wants to go to philly next year. PLEASE let him GO!!!

We should have kept Telfair as a third-string veteran guard.

Presti dropped the ball hiring this dufus billy d. Could have hired an established nba coach with experience, instead he goes with the stat nerd from college

entire team laid a giant egg tonight, but thankfully we're paying kanter 17 million to sit on the bench for adams down 12 with 2 minutes to go

Kd please get healthy asap.

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Mark Van Deusen 11/16/2015 12:43:00 AM Edit
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