It's a bit surprising that the 76ers even have a fan base after all the work Sam Hinkie has done to make sure this team loses as many games as possible for years, but here they are. Philadelphia fans were quick to pick their team losing and then had hope that they might win the first game of the year only for Boston to barely eek it out at the end.

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This is the first time during the Hinkie era where it's obvious the players are tanking.

lol at Brown screaming "What are we doing!?"

This is some awful Basketball.

76ers fans have no love for former son Evan Turner

Uh oh Evelyn Turner in the game, let that fool shoot all day.

Finally, Turner is the best player for the Sixers.

The Celtics announcer just said Turner's jump shot is money in the bank hahah

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I want a W.

Too bad. Not happening. Avery and Crowder are going to style all over McConnell and the Sixers. 0-16.

0-16 baby
Celtics 98 76ers 89

Can't see Boston dropping their third in a row. Can see Philly dropping their 16th, however.

Boston is on a back to back. There's a slight chance for a win

We're going to get treated tonight.

We need a win. For Ok4's sanity plz god

Okafor and Noel both go off tonight. Noel will be fired up for Boston for sure and Okafor is licking his chops waiting for Sully and Father Kelly.

While we wait for the game to start, let's kick this around for a minute:
Would anyone trade the Celtics their choice of Noel or Jah for Marcus Smart AND the right for Hinkie to take the 2016 BRK pick in exchange for our own 2016 pick?

In what world is Marcus Smart as valuable as Okafor? C'mon man.

Okafor for smart and 2016 brooklyn pick maybe. the defense of noel and smart would be nice

I want us to win, other than that I guess a girl with a big donkey ass would be nice.
But yeah, onward with the outlandish assumption that Marcus Smart would make us contenders. Might as well let Isaiah Thomas burn us because Evan Turner can't (even when left open). Kelly Olynyk wins NBA's most ugliest player, Amir Johnson still gets on my nerves, Avery Bradley should be a Sixer, and Brad Stevens is more of a porno name than a coaching name. Which reminds me....hows Christian Wood doing? I hear he's teaming up with Jae Crowder to make a movie.

Stop shooting noel....

he has to add that to his game or else

Great sequence demonstrating current issues, Noel misses bad a long jumper and then Okafor's man hits a 3 while Okafor doesn't fully close out.

Boston always seem to be able to kick our rear end.

0-16 boys

How does OK4 block shots without jumping??

Jah used defense! it was super effective!

Amir cannot stop Jah.

what did we do to Bradley for him to body us every single game...
i'm sorry breh..ease up

Sullinger cannot stop Jah

The Celtics PA announcer sounds like a damn circus carnival host. Super annoying.

Lol, Noel plz dunk it.

Why is there not someone on IT at all times???

They dont see him, to little

Uh oh Evelyn Turner in the game, let that fool shoot all day.

i hate the celtics broadcast team. I HATE THEM!!!

There better not be another player taking a shot besides Okafor. David Lee time

I wish I was getting the Celtics announce team. I couldn't make it through a season but for a game or two I find it amusing.


bunch of d-league scrubs don't want to give Jah the ball. 4 straight posessions

Boston played pretty bad. They seem like the same like us just with better overall talent. Of course the big talents are on our team

At least we are shutting down the Celtics on the offensive end

The fact that David Lee hasn't been executed at the alter of Jah is unacceptable

the celtics are terrible. wow.

Their defense suffers considerably without Smart and having Thomas start removes that spark off of the bench. They need to be healthy.

I know thats why i said they played bad, because i know they are better then this. I am a big smart fan.

lol at Brown screaming "What are we doing!?"

sullinger is so incredibly fat.

not bad, we're definitely improving as a team. Too bad either team looks like they want to be out there

the last three games we are not thaaaaat bad. ich hope we win against celtics and their annoying broadcasting team.

I look at that Celtics roster. If I was GM and they offered me literally their entire roster for Jah I would immediately say no. Just a bunch of rotation level players. You could start almost any combination of their 12 players and they will be the same level of mediocrity. Smart is the only player on that entire roster that could start on a championship level team.

i like smart and bradley. the rest is not relevant

Thomas is real good. He'd be great off the bench on a championship team.

Did you see him in the playoffs last year? He was awful with playoff level defense applied. And he's a defensive liability on the other end too. I think he's a volume chucker who is hot and cold, basically Lou Williams without getting to the line as much.

They may not have a lot of championship starting guys...but every single one of their players could help a championship team if only off the bench type roles. They are missing Smart's defense, which causes a lot of TOs and fastbreak chances and also having IT come off the bench against scrubs and getting hot. That was allowed them to take off last year.

It's a team comprised entirely of 6th men + smart and maybe Bradley. Those BK picks are gonna be huge though for their future.

It would be nice if the Sixers had at least one mediocre shooting guard to throw out there.

The Celtics PA announcer is so annoying. He sounds like one of those guys at county fairs who announces the apple bobbing contests.

Its great to watch ET throwing up bricks for another team

This is some awful Basketball.

Finally, Turner is the best player for the Sixers.

Would be awesome to get the 1st win against our old rival.

still loss the 3rd but not by the normal ammount.
baby steps

The Celtics announcer just said Turner's jump shot is money in the bank hahah

They must not check for conterfeits.

Jah is not letting us lose this game. These boys want it more than Boston tonight, believe that

Love ya ET

So, how do we lose this game?

Looks like not scoring the last 4 minutes

Hate this team


even the boston commentators are wondering why the ball doesnt go through Okafor...

Ok, we can be a smart team for a minute and a half. we can be a smart team for a minute and a half. we can be a smart team for a minute and a half.

so NOW Turner gets those calls

Someone thanked Turner for playing bad, way to jinx it.

The thought of victory was sweet, for a moment.


Rj hunter looks like a super annoying guy

lol we're honestly going 0-82

There's my boy Jae

plz god no

I can't, this may be my last game of the year

just why??? why is this happening?

this team is pure unadulterated garbage.
same old fcking story every single time with the game on the line.

I'm starting ti believe its intentional....2 straight possessions and they just dribble around on top of the 3 point line, and fail to get the ball in there best players hands.

Let's see what Brett draws up.
I swear to god this is gonna feel so much worse because it's Boston

In the end, losing is better this year. In times like this remember we need these losses because the Lakers are absolute trash. As long as Jah doesn't off himself anyways....

Losing culture.

this looks bad. It looks intentional...thats bad

This is the first time during the Hinkie era where it's obvious the players are tanking.

And the tank rolls on. Damnit this would've felt good

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