There is no doubt that the Boston Celtics will need a great deal of luck to return to prominence. While no one will doubt the team's future looks promising, without a concrete building block nor a lottery pick in this upcoming season, the Green Team will no doubt need a few of Red's lucky bounces to once again sit at top of the association's throne. With that in mind, it's curious, if not alarming, that the Celtics would dare dance with the Devil's flame.

Through extensive research that's involved dozens of hours, and has led to at least one divorce, the CelticsLife research team - a team we pay handsomely - has uncovered that the Boston Celtics do not follow the Basedgod, Lil B.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Lil B - at least according to his twitter bio - is a "Mogul, First Rapper Ever To Write And Publish A Book at 19, Film Score, Composer, Producer, Director/Photo/Branding/Marketing/Historical Online Figure"

Most importantly, he ultimately controls the fate of the NBA. To be more specific, he decides who won't succeed in the league. For those who cross him, will suffer at the hands of 'The Curse of the Basedgod.' The curse serves as death does in 'The Final Destination movies; you can't cheat it. It's unavoidable. A player can try to ignore it, they can try to run from it. But eventually the 'Curse of the Basedgod' will catch up with them.

So far, Lil B has placed his spell on two of the NBA's elite:

1. Kevin Durant

After Kevin Durant called Lil B's music 'unlistenable', Lil B informed the Thunder superstar that he'll never win a championship until the curse is dropped. Newsflash: Durant hasn't won a championship. Not only that, but this past year Durant suffered multiple injuries that ultimately resulted in Oklahoma City missing a playoff birth. Was it the curse? Yes. Obviously. Haven't you been reading anything I've written? Lil B confirms.

2. James Harden

Lil B was convinced, and to be clear I'm definitely not arguing with him so please don't hurt my professional career if you're reading this Basedgod, that James Harden's signature 'stirring' celebration was lifted from him. After Harden refused to credit the Basedgod, the curse was invoked. The result? Harden seems eerily off during long stretches of the playoff, loses to the Warriors in the Conference finals 3-1.

That, pretty clearly, is definitive proof that the curse is very much real. And teams throughout the league are taking notice. Courtesy of barstool sports

You'll notice that not amongst the teams listed in that image is the Boston Celtics. Surely, they are, and Barstool just chose to not include them, right? Wrong. While luckily Marcus Smart does, the organization's official twitter account does not currently follow Lil B. Endangering the fate of the franchise's future.

MattDotRich 5/29/2015 11:52:00 AM Edit
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