Remember the time you said something casual on Twitter about a person and then that person had a national TV show and responded? The same thing happened to Jared Sullinger last night.

In Sullinger’s defense- this is the most valid point in the history of television. I am 90% sure that is what Chuck and Shaq are on the air to do. However, as always, Chuck responded in kind with a little more force.

Had this been me I would have changed my name and moved out of town immediately. I don’t need that kind of heat. Sullinger took it in stride as well. Another reason why Sullinger is a keeper for the Celtics- the kid knows to fight the fights he can win.

Photo: AP Photo/David Goldman

Source: Jay King; MassLive

Padraic O'Connor 4/23/2014 12:27:00 PM Edit
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