After the C's pulled out a 91-84 victory in a sloppy game, Brooklyn fans were all over the place. There was lots of Kidd criticism, some Celts praise, and some oh-so-desperate hope.

Top Three:

1) Maybe we need to try to use Collins for shooting the three.

2) I honestly blame Livingston for all this.

3) Self destruct! Send in Teague.

The good, the bad, and the desperate:

1) We are 0 for 7 from 3, Rondo is 2-2 from 3, and I'm not surprised.

2) Mother of god...0-16.

3a) Deron was hot. Why give him such an extended break?
3b) He wasn't hot...he was 2-6.

Full Slate:

So tonight should be easy.

This team can lose big leads in a flash

They just might surprise you. They have flashes of greatness.

Nothing is easy.

Can't take these bums lightly...I nominate Bass for scrub of the night.

Pierce is going to help his old team's lottery dreams by going for 30.

I was hard on Pierce at the beginning of the year, butu i have fallen in love with his game and his heart.

I love listening to other announcers, makes me appreciate Ian and Mike a lot more.

No one's better than Tommy.

Williams passes up so many completely uncontested shots.

Because he isn't feeling that great.

What?...he's healthy.

Forgot crash is injured...Can't believe he is angry with the Nets. They gave him 40 mil. Who else would do that?

Is he aware he was traded for R O Y and he's angry?

He didn't know there were no takers for him? Did he watch tapes of himself last year?

Alan Anderson is garbage

Celtics are pretty much tied with the Lakers for ping pong balls. The rivalry continues...

True but I think the C's are in better shape. Better management and I like their coach. With Buss' death, they're starting to look and act like the Knicks.

Can we do something? Tired of hearing Celtics announcers making fun of us like their team is championship quality.

We are 0 for 7 from 3, Rondo is 2-2 from 3, and I'm not surprised.

WTF Rondo. You serious?

He was working on his shooting while he was out.

Rondo thinks he's Curry today.

Down 12 to these losers? Jason Kidd can't allow this garbage.

Blatche has me cursing a storm in my living room.

Down by 17 and Kidd still has most of the bench in.

He overuses the bench.

0-14 from 3...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Deron was hot. Why give him such an extended break?

He wasn't hot...he was 2-6.

Rondo has not even hit the rim yet on his jumpers and FT's.

This team can not even guard a WNBA player.

Zero sense of urgency from the coaching staff.

Mother of god...0-16.

Maybe we need to try to use Collins for shooting the three.

Everything is Marquis Teague's fault.

To answer these Hamlet questions for my Shakespeare class, or to continue to watch this monstrosity. That is the question.

Self destruct! Send in Teague.

We will win...you can quote me later.

How does a 2 point deficit become an 8 point deficit in a blink of an eye.


Celtics look like the best defensive team in the NBA vs us.


The game was bad but you are overreacting man.

When you're 44 mil over the cap and you lost to the Celtics who lost 7 of their last 8 it's not overreacting.

At least we forced 25 turnovers.

You play the Celtics and the turnovers will come. Doesn't mean the team played any kind of good tonight.

At least 20 of the 3's were good looks - sometimes they don't fall.

They played great D and still only lost by 7.

This board is funny...get over it.

I honestly blame Livingston for all this.

I strongly dislike using the cliche trap game excuse. But its exactly what it was.

Austin Gill 3/08/2014 12:55:00 PM Edit
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