Hmm. Well... nothing happened. Seriously- what do we do now? The Celtics we started with this week are the Celtics we are finishing the week with and we still have almost have a season to go.

My to do list was 95% NBA Deadline and Trade Machine columns and 5% errands.  I seriously have nothing to do now.  No shelter from responsibility.  No escape from the mundanity of a regular Thursday.

Here's my to do list now that the NBA Trade Deadline has been reached.

1. Make Lunch

2. Find out what all the hype is about

3. Go to the gym

4. Look for a new job

5. Find love

6. Figure out what the GMs SHOULD have done

7. Finally write that screenplay

What excuse do I have now to avoid everyone and just watch basketball? The deadline is OVER and there is like NOTHING to talk about. It's almost like they did this on purpose. Thanks for NOTHING, Danny Ainge.

Padraic O'Connor 2/20/2014 03:43:00 PM Edit
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