Another day another Celtics trade rumor. Expect to continue hearing rumors every day as we appraoch the trade deadline. No one is untouchable as Ainge tries to resculpt these Celtics. This one comes from veteran New York Daily News writer Mitch Lawrence.
Demarre Carroll only makes about 2.5 mil a year, so depending on what other contracts would be included to match Jeff Green's inflated contract would determine if the Celtics get anything good in the deal. If it's expiring deals, don't expect the Celtics to get any additional assets of significant worth. Carroll and Elton Brand's expiring deal work financially. If we're taking on some long term money then maybe we get something of value (protected 1st or Dennis Schroeder). One name to look at would be Louis Williams. I've always liked Williams, but more important than his game and more affordable salary is the fact that his contract expires one year sooner than Green's. This would allow the Celtics to become big players in the 2015 free agent class.

The Hawks also own a trade exception due to Al Horford's injury, but I'm pretty sure that can't be combined with anything else. Lawrence has been throwing a lot against the wall of late (The Gary Tanguay approach) hoping that something sticks. He didn't say he heard that Carroll was included, so that may just be conjecture. I'm not sure the Hawks would do the Williams/Carroll for Green trade. They might look at it like giving up two rotation players for a guy who's not that much better. Or maybe Ferry really likes Uncle Jeff. We'll have to wait and lee if this rumor has any legs.

I know that fans say they don't want to move Green is a straight salary dump, but across the league he's viewed as not being worth his contract. That makes him a negative asset, so I think fans shouldn't expect much in return if Ainge is able to move Green. Also, while Green isn't good enough to be one of your stars that helps you contend for a title, he is good enough to help you win some games, so he's actually hurting the effort to secure a top lottery pick in this stacked draft. It's the reason I advocated trading Green instead of Rajon Rondo before the season. Lots of people were against that, because they said that now that Paul Pierce was gone that Green would finally become a star. Now I think it's clear that Green becoming a star is never going to happen. Even the Celtics are saying that expectations are too high for Green. If Ainge can find a taker for Green before the deadline, I think he has to pull the trigger.

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Danny Ainge says fans' expectations of Jeff Green are too high

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