Trade me, please

Oh, Brandon Bass. What will we do with you?

Bass was once the man that every Celtic fan laughed at former Magic GM Otis Smith for after the Bass for Big Baby Davis trade. Bass' first year with the team was great. He had career highs in points (12.5/gm), attempts (10.7/gm) and rebounding (6.2/gm). It was all so much fun.

Eventually Bass largely disappeared in the playoffs, got a big ole three year $19 million and change contract, and hasn't really been the same since.

That brings us to today where Bass was recently voted by you guys to be the most likely to be traded.

How times change. Anyway, if Bass does get traded, he doesn't seem like he'd be that upset about it. All he wants is to be wanted.

Don't we all, Brandon?

The problem is, no one is reportedly that into Brandon Bass, meaning that he just might be stuck here in Boston where he's most certainly not "really a part of the future".

While no one is interested at all in Mr. Bass, he shouldn't feel too bad. There hasn't really been anything gaining traction for ANY of the Celtics players. As for the Celtics trade rumors that don't really seem to exist, the Celtics aren't letting them be a distraction.

Even if we do hear a trade rumor about the Celtics, Brad Stevens says it's all bullshit anyway.

So there we go. Glad we could clear that up.

Michael Saver 2/18/2014 07:01:00 PM Edit
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