By Pete Rogers

While Gerald Wallace has had a turbulent time with the Celtics and C's fans, he has done a good job of getting affection from Patriots fans.

First, he was excited to meet Tom Brady before the Saints game and talked about how he has always admired the Quarterback (I mean, who hasn't).

But his latest act might have forever cemented him into the hearts of Patriots fans as a true Patriot.

As some might have seen, Wes Welker recently attended a Knicks and Celtics game. Well, not only was he expertly photobombed, it also seems that he might have been in some serious danger...

Gerald Wallace, I raise my glass to you. While as a Celtics fan I think you are slowly poisoning the locker room and you and your ridiculous contract need to be traded, as a Patriots fan I can't help but smile and feel a warmth in my heart at your true Patriot pride. I also would have loved if he had hit Welker in the head with a basketball. Knowing Welker's concussion history, that could have been the end of him.

Again, let us toast to Gerald Wallace's Patriot spirit. Here Here.

- Pete Rogers

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