Exactly what I needed after two emotional could-have-gone-either-way losses. Losing to Pierce & Garnett on Tuesday and then Doc on Wednesday stung real bad. Nothing says, "thank you for all that you did for us," like force feeding defeat to your former teammates/future hall of famers.

Luckily the internet served up this gem on a silver platter. In addition to being hilarious and accurate, it's also a great reminder of what the Celtics are capable of. NSFW for sure, so put those headphones in when you watch. Solid points from start to finish.

Highlights/Good Points 

  • Melo should be making his teammates better 
  • Amar'e should get some icy hot spray 
  • Felton DOES have a big head 
  • Money can't buy you championships 
  • Don't dig people out of their grave when they are dead 
  • It is surprising that Ewing doesn't have a job with the Knicks

The guy filming this and the dude in the background are live-trolling this guy right? Never seen anyone love being trolled so hard. He just voluntarily destroyed the clothes on his back because had an iPhone pointed at him. I'd hate to see would happen if the local news interviewed him on the street or if he had the chance to be on a game show.

Padraic O'Connor 12/12/2013 09:47:00 AM Edit
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