The Top Three

1. Cheer up guys. We're almost as good as the Celtics and their rookie coach. Almost

2. Love about to go looking for a condo in LA. Rubio about to force a trade so he and Love can stay together. Adelman retires after this game. Glen Taylor about to sell the team..we are a disgrace to basketball.

3. Fuck Tommy Heinsohn's face (Editor's note: One of many aggressive anti-Tommy statements)

Early optimism:

Celtics have the 2nd easiest schedule to start the season and they're 2-7 against the West. Let's do it.

Man I didn't realize the Wolves haven't won in Boston since 2005. Time to break another streak.

This celtics team is pretty bad lol. (Editor's note: Bro I used to think the same thing. Not so lol when you need to eat your computer)

These guys hate Tommy:

Celtics announcing crew is just disgusting. They kill my brain cells.

Celtics announcing crew...biggest homers ever. Even more than the Blazers crew.

So far, most of what the Boston announcers have done is complain about the officiating. Very little game discussion. How are they professionally employed?

God, i cant stand this moron. If this was the celtics getting calls he wouldnt be saying shit.

I'm sure the NBA appreciates having a total homer announcer like Heinsohn ripping on their officials like this being broadcast on their TV network.

Wow, these Boston announcers suck. They even love Barea.

He's really a horrible commentator. Hope he chokes

What a clown

Tommy H can eat a dick.

This bro respects Tommy's old-school-ness

The Celtics announcer is funny though. The guy even calls out officials by name, I didn't think announcers still did that.

Starting to get upset with the game itself

Getting tired of their lucky bounces.

Why are we losing to these bums?

God, we are such bumbling idiots on the break. (Editor's note: This was after Pekovic's sweet slow motion fast break that Bradley tipped out of bounds)

Trade Rubio

Is Rubio doing coke with Shved now? Game is out of control tonight?

Our starting PG, SG, SF are 3-22 tonight

Olynyk playing a great game when he's been sucking all season. Right.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! This team may force me into retirement...

Pek actually goes lower when he jumps.

WOW.... I'm out. I'll never watch any more regular season games, when I have to work the next day. They are just not worth it, being terrible tired half the day.
Right now, I'm so god damn pissed by this team, it's a mess! And yes, we won't make the playoffs this year - that's for sure! We need a trade... just something.

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Recap: Celtics beat Timberwolves 101-97; improve to 12-14 and remain in 1st place

Michael Dyer 12/16/2013 10:47:00 PM Edit
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