Rondo went through a non-contact, morning walkthrough on day one of camp. Rondo is at a disadvantage of sorts. He won't be able to start this era off with a bang. He'll have to develop his new role as sole team leader on the sideline leading by his voice, and with whatever else he can do that doesn't compromise his rehab. He hasn't been given the title as team captain, it would be a bold slap in the face if it wouldn't happen.

CSNNE-Rondo takes part in C's non-contact practice

"He went through the morning workout, and he's probably going to do one workout a day," Stevens said. "And then he took the afternoon off, but he was very active in the afternoon."

The C's did more work defensively in the afternoon as well as some three-minute scrimmaging, all under the watchful eye of Stevens and the always-attentive Rondo.

"He was in the huddles," Stevens said. "He's in the drills as far as communicating. You saw him leading our stretching at the end. He was really active today."

"This injury ... it isn't easy," Rondo said on Monday at the Celtics' Media Day. "It's more mental when you come back. When you get around 10 or 11 months, it's just feeling confident. You want to feel confident ... you need that mental aspect to go up and come down without thinking about your leg again. It's just being mentally ready. When I get there, I'll play."

Rondo in his mind wants to play, and mentally he's there in some ways, he wants to be apart of it all, but Rondo right now is facing one of the biggest tests of his career, if not the greatest. Returning from an injury of this magnitude is a challenge.He mentally can't play right now , but that's because his rehab isn't complete. As soon as he's cleared to play, Rondo will be first to the arena.

Rondo gets a lot of heat, and at this point he's blind to it all. His goal is to get back, and to claim his stake as team leader. His voice should be the loudest, and his point should get across.

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