Rondo was spotted at practice yesterday without a knee brace (yet all he did was takie shots without jumping and trying some trick shots, for obvious reasons). The fact that he cannot play does not drive him away from the court, so when asked about his potential role for the rest of the season and if it matters that he's there, Doc had an interesting take:

I think it can help a little bit with some of the guards. Rondo has a great IQ. You know, he has a huge ego, but great IQ. And he really does, he's a smart, smart kid, so he'll help for sure. He'll see things that a point guard can only see, and I think those eyes will be good for us.

This mini-interview has more jokes than real material, but what Doc says is still an interesting point. Doc handed Rondo great authority and responsibility in the beginning of this season so he mostly picked what set to play. It's debatable how successful that had been, but it remains true that Rondo sees things differently than many basketball figures do. We also know that Rondo is very vocal during timeouts and huddles, so I'm sure his input will be used at several points.

Who knows, maybe he'll get credit for a game-winning play now that Doc seemingly has run out of ideas.

semioticus (shelbyl) 4/05/2013 02:28:00 PM Edit
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