The Boston Celtics got revenge for the last game against the Warriors, beating them 94-86 and limiting Stephen Curry to 27% shooting
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Kevin Garnett: 7 Points, 13 Rebounds
KG had a game that was good on one end and bad on the other. He did a good job defensively in terms of protecting the paint and limiting their big men, and he rebounded well for himself. But offensively, he really struggled. He shot poorly, especially from the mid-range area, and he was a bit sloppier with his passing tonight. Not a great night, but his good play on one side of the ball deserves recognition.

Brandon Bass: 8 Points, 4 Rebounds
Bass had an extremely solid night, he delivered the Bass special: a couple rebounds, efficient scoring, and aggressiveness if not effectiveness on defense. He wasn't a focal point tonight, but he delivered in a lesser role.

Paul Pierce: 26 Points, 8 Rebounds
Pierce was the star offensively tonight, as no one came close to his point total on the team. He was efficient, while drawing a ton of free throws, which boded well for how he was getting his shots and whether or not he was settling. He did not settle for 3s, and made several very nice drives to the basket. In fact he made the majority of his baskets in the paint. He was extremely sloppy in terms of turning the ball over, but his aggressiveness on the boards and his overall efforts make it a night with few complaints.

Avery Bradley: 8 Points
Avery didn't get many shots tonight, but he still made us all very happy. He kept his promise of limiting Stephen Curry and the other Warrior guards, and he did a fine job. He fouled much more than he probably would have liked, but his pressure and presence stopped Golden State from getting the easy offense they've enjoyed for most of the season. And while he didn't get many shots, he made the most of the few he got. A very solid night.

Courtney Lee: 8 Points
Courtney's night almost exactly looked like Avery's, solid defense along with making the most of the few shots he got. Having the two of them together makes for such an interesting combo of non-dominant offense and aggressive defense.

Jeff Green: 18 Points, 5 Rebounds
Jeff helped carry the team offensively along with Pierce, giving the team volume-scoring when it needed it. And he scored in a variety of ways, especially with his baseline jumper. The efficient scoring along with the decent rebounding gave the team everything it needed to pull out the win.

Chris Wilcox: 8 Points, 7 Rebounds
Chris Wilcox blew up tonight. In the amount of minutes he played (22), he arguably had the largest impact tonight. He blew up in those minutes, and was everywhere on the floor. He scored on all of his shots (in the paint), and rebounded like he hasn't rebounded in a while. The energy he brought during his stretches was incredible, and really helped the team get out and sustain its lead. Definitely a great performance from him tonight.

Jason Terry: 7 Points
Terry was aggressive on offense, but he was unable to hit a shot. And while his defense wasn't terrible, nothing else he does really makes up for an off-shooting night.

Jordan Crawford:
Made a small impact, but showed that he could contribute in small ways even when he can't score. He was aggressive on the boards and tried to make some plays, but mostly failed. Whether or not he can actually contribute meaningfully is yet to be seen.

Boston Celtics: 94 Points, 44 Rebounds, 24 Assists
The Celtics played solidly tonight, not great, but solidly. They drew a lot of free throws, but missed a lot more than usual, and they shot well from inside the arc but not from 3. They were thoroughly outrebounded, and turned the ball over a lot. Normally it seems like the recipe for a loss. But Golden State struggled with their shooting more than you would have expected, and credit has to be given to the Celtic defense and the fact that Golden State is coming off of a tough stretch of games. It was a good win, especially since the game was somewhat close throughout, but the extent of the credit that the Celtics deserve is questionable. But a winning effort that gets the win isn't something to be too closely scrutinized. The Celtics next play on Tuesday (03/05/13) against the Philadelphia 76ers.

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