Honestly, it's kind of hard to have any gripes with Magic fans. Everything they had to say was surprisingly rational. I only say surprisingly because reasonable thinking is not usually a staple of this segment.

The Magic fans obviously feel they got the short end of the stick in the Bass deal and have a lot of hate for Big Baby. Mostly, they accepted the fact that they probably wouldn't win this game and were fine with their team showing some fight in keeping it close. What more can you ask for?

Top Three:

I hope JJ gets laid every night. He deserves it.

can we stop giving the ball to the worst 2 players on offense, shet

Jameer couldn't guard a broom. How the hell do you guard the 3 and let the ball walk to the basket????

Play of the Game (Big Baby's three point attempt at the end of OT):

LMAO love it a Big Baby 3.....................its like might as well hand the ball over to Boston at that point.

Full Slate:

jameer wont let us win..he always takes over against boston LOL. chistmas 2 years ago..

Trap game for Boston could lead to a nice win for our Magic!

Bass vs. Baby.

I'm hoping KG bullies Vucevic. I think it'd be good for Vooch

Nelson playing scared against Rondo.

I hope playing Boston doesn't mean 30 fga for Baby

Bass > Baby so far lol

Rondo making Nelson look silly.

Nelson usually plays (Please Use More Appropriate Word) against Rondo. Rondo can match his quickness.

Man Jameer looks bad after that injury. BBD looks completely uninterested in the game already, and it isnt even one quarter in.

Jameer couldn't start this game any worse.

im in the first row and all i see around me is celtic green...which seat should i be in?

ET w/ back to back 3's!

Rondo holds the ball for 22 seconds, passes it to a player that throws up a prayer, assist

Dwight's best offensive attribute that we miss the most: being in the penalty early in 1st, 3rd and 4th quarter.

Lee :(

I love how the ref just blatantly ignored Redick's foul attempt on Lee just now.

Yeahhh that Barbosa guy, might wanna cover him. Just a thought.....

As usual, Celtics getting away with everything.

I don't think we'll win this, we just make too many mistakes and a team like this is going to make you pay. But as long as they keep fighting and make a game of it I'm fine with it.

This is close to getting disastrous.

We seem to have broken the Pistons curse. Lets not get greedy and ask for the Celtics one as well.

i cant stand pierce, retire fool

This pro-Celtics officiating is getting annoying

These refs are trash. But its a Celtic game so it isn't surprising.

Despite the unforced turnovers, Jameer's crappy play, and the refs completely favoring Boston despite the fact that WE are playing at home, I still think we can get this game.

Rondo picking us apart, everywhere.

Jameer just doesn't know how to play against Rondo.

Hark trying to tell all Magic fans to chill out I got this lol.


I thought it was strange that Doc didn't exploit that Pierce/McBob matchup in the first half.

Our commentators are so bad at names and faces. I swear they just mistook JJ for Jameer.

ok so you got Josh Mcroberts guarding Paul Pierce and he's getting blown by every single time. Uhh Coach?

getting abused by sullinger, terrible

I hope JJ gets laid every night. He deserves it.

jj became a much better player than clee. im impressed

what is bbd doing.. god i hate this clown..

I hate when Baby tries to shoot fadeaway jumpers.

hey go back to the bouncing boobies

can't decide if we made a mistake passing on sully. i like nicholson but he doesn't have the nba body that sully has

Is it just me, or are we actually good in 3rd quarters this year?

Jameer can really throw in some trash when he gets hot. I'd label that last shot as trash, but hey, he was hot, so he swished it.


Big Baby. I'm sure he likes Jello.

Baby cant reb my god

stop sullinger already, damn box out

it's 5 on 8 tonight

Rondo is such a stat padding idiot

Rondo is such a stat whore.

You gotta score after you break someone's ankle like that.

DAMN IT JAMEER!!! That would have been my sig gif for the year!!!!

can we stop giving the ball to the worst 2 players on offense, shet

Yep he's gone ice cold. Baby can't even hit a shot at point blank range, still won't box anyone out.

Dear god trade big baby

I swear to God, we lead the damn league in misses at point blank range....

BBD Gonna Prove Ya'll Wrong!!!

I love the fight being shown from this team! Keep it up, we can get this game!

Someone call JJs girl and let her know what she needs to do tonight.

I was afraid of this. Classic Jameer. He makes some shots and then thinks he can shoot it from the parking lot.

Pierce with the pump fake/head flail and he'll get fouled.. book it

this is pretty much overtime or loss

Overtime. Man Affalo really maned up that one.

The most exciting magic regular season game since the last Celtics game last year after Dwights injury.

why is rebounding so hard?

lmao kg swatted when he was on the ground

**** take everyone out and put the bench.

Jameer couldn't guard a broom. How the hell do you guard the 3 and let the ball walk to the basket????

Big Baby really does think he is a go to guy................SMH

I'm not lying when I say this but when we were making our comeback I said to myself "I can see this being an overtime-loss kinda game"

That's game, As soon as Baby caught with 5 or so seconds on the clock i knew he would force a shot and he did. Would rather him take a jump shot rather than a circus shot but what did i expect? we went away from the hot hand and imo we should of gotten some other players in there those guys out there look tired and it shows with their play

looooooool Rondo

ROFL, Rondo with the airball.

rondo blows.

meer is 1 for his last 8

i think i cracked a tooth.

Big Baby shooting a 3... that is not ideal. Ah well.

I know it doesn't matter, but a part of me loathes that Big Baby ended up with a 3 there.

LMAO love it a Big Baby 3.....................its like might as well hand the ball over to Boston at that point.

That is the only time BBD will ever be advised to shoot a three.

He had to take that one, but it's still funny that it ended that way.

On the bright side, we took a good team to the brink, but still lost so Operation Tank is unaffected.

I sound like a Baby hater at this point but I don't care.. it's amazing how many ill advised shots/defensive lapses/no boxing out he does..

Sucks to lose games like this, I cant stand that team.

Michael Saver 11/25/2012 09:20:00 PM Edit
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