Most of my posts on CelticsLife are rather lengthy and in-depth. My most recent one; Patience is a Heavenly Green Virtue, got heavy and included a biblical quote. I wanted to be a bit more light-hearted and fun by posting a nice new recipe for this evening's fesitivities, the Rondo Bomb.

Whether you are heading out to a local watering hole to check out game six or you are enjoying the game from your couch, you may be in need of a Celtics related libation.

I hope all of you (21 and older, of course) have given a try in the past to the Honey Badger, a mixture that's moniker belongs to both the Bruin's Brad Marchand and the Celtics' Avery Bradley. The Honey Badger is quite delicious and definitely worth a try.

"Honey Badger"
1 Pint of Guinness
1 Shot of Honey Whiskey

Lace your beer with the whiskey and let sit for a moment. 
Enjoy responsibly.

A couple years ago, prior to "The Decision," when I actually still admired LeBron James and got excited about watching him play, there was a drink called the LeBomb James. While not as calmly delicious as the Honey Badger, this drink was far more fun and involved a bit of showmanship.

"LeBomb James"
1 Can of Red Bull
1 Shot of Crown Royal
2 Packets of Splenda

Empty Red Bull into a tall glass.
Drop the Crown Royal in the Glass.
Drink as fast as possible.
Empty Splenda into hands and clap them together sending it in the air.
Enjoy Responsibly.

The Crown Royal represented LeBron's nickname, King James. The Red Bull resembled the color of the Cleveland Cavaliers uniforms. The Splenda took the place of the chalk that LeBron launches into the air prior to his games. While fun, it's luster has worn off as LeBron has become more and more despised.

A good friend of mine and I were discussing the LeBomb James a couple weeks ago and decided to make a creative new concoction. This time we decided to use Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo. Thus was the origin of the Rondo Bomb. 

"Rondo Bomb"
1 Bottle Magic Hat #9
1 Shot of Midori

Pour beer into a tall glass.
Wrap the shot around your back.
Bring it back and drop it into the beer.
Drink as fast as possible. 
 Enjoy Responsibly.

Magic Hat is a local brewery in Vermont, giving the drink an overarching New England feel. Magic Hat's primary brew is the #9 which is also Rondo's jersey number. Midori is a melon liqueur that is Celtic green in color (any green liqueur will do). The whole drink is based around Rondo, so you can take your shot and do his trademark fake out then bring it back to the drink. 

So when you are shopping for tonight's beverages or bellying up to the local bar, make it a Rondo Bomb in honor of the best point guard in the NBA.

Just be sure to drink responsibly. Go Celtics!


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