ESPN Boston conducted polls on every Celtic to guage fan interest on each player returning for the 2012-2013 season. Below are 9 of the 10 Celtics unrestricted free agents (the 10th, Jermaine O'Neal was voted a resounding "Let him go"). Not surprisingly, fans voted to keep free agents KG, Ray, Green, Pietrus, Dooling, Stiemsma, and Bass. Fans also voted to hold on to Rondo, Pierce, Bradley, Johnson, and Moore. The only players that the majority of fans want gone are Jermaine, Wilcox, Marquis, Pavlovic, Hollins, and Williams.

The results don't really surprise me, as fans tend to grow attached to their own players. I remember the Boston Herald ran a poll during the Summer of 2007 whether the Celtics should trade Al Jefferson for Kevin Garnett and 90% voted no. A popular Celtic blog at the time ran the same poll and the results to keep Al Jefferson were even higher. Of course after the trade happened fans embraced KG. Then again sometimes Danny should heed fans advice as the Perkins/Green trade sabotaged the 2011 season. With the exception of some Ainge fan boys, fans were overwhelmingly against that trade, though in time they did welcome Jeff Green to the Celtics family. I don't see Danny keeping all 12 players that the fans want back. There's a couple that if they were traded, all hell would break loose for sure.

What are your thoughts on the ESPN Boston results? Would you prefer to let go of any of the guys that fans voted to keep? And would you prefer to keep any of the guys fans voted to let go?

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