What an exciting game!   I have to admit that I was very surprised that the officiating was even.  Good job by the officials for the most part.  But I know that the Heat fans didn't feel that way since they didn't get their usual +20 free throw advantage.   It is just amazing how Heat fans turn on their own team and players.  Wow!  No loyalty whatsoever.   My favorite exchange is this one:  "Please help us get through this Lord In JEsus Name, Amen!    You're praying to Ray Allen ? :("   What's yours?  

If Bosh is back we definitely have to play UD and Bosh together in the front court. That would make Garnett work so damn hard.

Funny how Bosh is suddenly good to go when the Series is tied

Too annoyed wit this coach and team to even care sometimes. The offficiating, the cockiness of the Celtics, the BS Wade continues to do on the court....

Can we take a page out of Indiana's book and start the "he's a flopper" chant when Pierce or Rondo are at the line?

I hope the Miami crowd give the Heat as much of an advantage (with the reffing) as the Boston crowd does.

And rondo. Someone has to flatten this guy. He is the most arrogant player in the NBA. Time and time again we let he get uncontested layups at the hoop. Someone has to hit him and hit him hard. He called out our players at half, tried to kick battier, and is just an all around punk. Please waste a flagrant on him.

Start the game strong , Boston can not finish games , the heat have owned every 2nd half this series

Chris "Decoy" Bosh

This team needs a big win like a demoralizing, crushing, dominant win over Boston. A win that basically says **** it we're no longer coasting and the league better be afraid because we're bringing our A game from now on.

Miami Heat are a solid favorite with a 79% chance to beat the Boston Celtics in Game 5.

Has anyone noticed last game that Lebron looks a bit banged up... Hip appeared to be bothering him, I wonder if his elbow because his money jump shot has deserted him the last 2 games.

If you're in the game and playing, you're good to go. Boston is also banged up and is old as hell. No b.s. Excuses from our stars or role players tonight.

Bosh don't be a soft fairy this game please. Thanks.

We better get some ****ing calls

I think KG will be testing Bosh's abdomen if/when he posts up in the paint. That running hook / jumper in the post will allow him to get off extra elbows on Bosh's gut.

I'm just really worried about KG's screens and elbowing Bosh in the ribs/abs

Haslem starting at the 5 with Shane "I miss wide open threes" Crappier at the 4

Boston needs a nice smack

Now that is what we should be using Pitt for. Send him in there for a few sec to slap Rondo

Bass abusing Battier!

Everyone seems to abuse Battier. But he draws a charge every once in a while whick tricks ppl into thinking he is still a good defender

Wow, leaving RA wide open. How can you loose him?

You cant leave Ray under no circumstances!

Morons love to leave RAY ALLEN open... Wow.

I'm starting to dislke Rondo due to things he said about us lately

Even at home refs, playing against us.


LBJ's ankles are the size of tree trunks. We'll be good lol. He's built to handle spills like that.

Pietrus falls down! Foul on them this time?

Why is Mike Miller always limping? Looks like an old man out there

Pierce needs his wheelchair

Bosh just gives the Heat another dimension

In terms of facial expressions or play... Lol I think both are true

Rondo has been a nonfactor Some stud

Home officiating at its finest

In other news, Pierce is aggressive. Which I don't like. He has yet to go off and this I hope is not the game.

Yep that's the scary thing.

Rondo traveled like a flight attendant on that drive.

Nice of Rondo to show up....

Speak for yourself I would prefer he say home

Rondo is ridiculous

HEY WADE, GETTING "INTO RHYTHM FROM 3-point range ONLY WORKS FOR 3ballers, not you

JJ can't find his shot AT ALL

Eddy Curry ate it...

Stop complaining about fouls Lebron and Wade waste too much f***ing time

I want to trade battier for Scal (the best high fiver in the game)

Rondo has 3 fouls and Pierce has 2! That's something!

Espn guise ripping the Miami crowd .. The old and tired "Miami crowd is silent" routine

To be honest, we are. I wish we had a crowd like OKC, but the tickets are too expensive which is why I'm on here rather than at the game

Battier is so f***ing garbage its not even funny anymore.

Wade is by far the lazest defender in the league!!! Wow. Get back

Not sure what Chalmers and Battier are doing right now. It's not basketball though.

Garnett should buy property in the paint. Dudes always standing in it and not getting called for it.

I wish we run what Celtics offense is running. Everyone touches the ball. No one is scared to shoot. Great ball movement and everyone is a threat to score. *sigh*

Imagine what doc rivers can do with our squad... He would actually know how to drive a Ferrari unlike spo.

I cant believe idiots like bass, pietrus score on us

Chalmers got to be the NBA's dumbest player...

The fronting of KG. Is. Not. Working.

KG and Bosh have such similar games. The past vs the present.

We're pathetic

Lebron absolutely gets no respect from refs.

**** you mike miller, he cant even score open 3.**** this team

I'm not one to complainn about refs but lebron is getting abused

I f***ing hate Boston Can't wait til they break this team up

Boston has more FT's than us. I didn't think I'd see the day LMAO Ainge talking to the VP of the refs sure helped them huh....

All the media complaints about officiating is helping Boston right now.

Finally LeBron gets free throws after being fouled 10 times this quarter

Boston playing zone! They are tired!

Battier is so **** worthless. Please get this bum off the floor man.

Who do you suppose we give Battiers minutes to? Human pylon James Jones? Human foul machine Mike Miller?

IT IS SO QUIET, this team made the stadium more quiet than it already is.

We're only up because of Bosh and LBJ

Fortunately for us, no other team in the league can say that

By the way when is this great refs conspiracy supposed to kick in and save Miami? LOL.

The refs just got a call from Stern. It will be done.

If we can't beat Boston in a game 5 at home, in a MUST WIN game, we don't deserve to win this series

Is there a reason Turiaf cant get some minutes against Bass?

he's emotionally unqualified, I think, lol

Bass gets T-Ed!

Lol... Lebron slammed the ball much harder than that last game and didn't get a tech. That why he is a superstar

How many games are refs gonna F*** up?

5 on 8 buddy

They have to be close to Rondo, he is making so many easy passes I rather let Rondo score 40

Wow. The way we're "defending" KG is **** disgusting. Spo sucks.

Spo should figure out kg's roll to to the hoop by training camp

Wade **** you. that's all I have to say.

Battier is the single worst player in the entire league.


That is the worst officiating in the NBA...the "let me wait and see if the guy converts before I call it.

Thank you, more fouls on Battier Get him off the court

We look like idiots against the zone

Let's step on their throats right now and keep it there.

Should be a 4 point play but only Paul Pierce can get fouled on a jumpshot.

So umm...yeah Ray Allen gets that call but not Shane?

Please help us get through this Lord In JEsus Name, Amen!

You're praying to Ray Allen ? :(

Ok heat.. Time to shut the c's down and get this win

Way past that time

I love it when ray Allen sucks

Allen, Pierce and Rondo are combined 8-36 and the Celtics are only down 3!

Screw the Celts, stupid maggots

Rondo is outhustling us

If the Heat step on their throats here, they will win, because the Celtics losing gas in the fourth quarter is like death and taxes.

I always think Bass's jumper will go in....

Refs must think we are in Boston.

That's what bone spurs look like??? You ppl can keep believing that BS if you want

LeBron's a horror show at the FT line.

The FT is such a difficult shot.

I **** hate Paul pierce, and his offensive foul charges

These BS conspiracies about Miami getting all the calls are being exposed!

These fans gotta get in these refs heads, yell at them or do something godamn this crowd is pathetic.

Time for Riley to look for a new coach!

At some point the players just have to get it done. Cant always blame the coach We are getting completely out hustled, that isnt Spo’s fault

Please give us this call The C;'s have gotten so many

This refs are something else, man, they are taking the game from us so blatantly, this is BS, so **** frustrating.....

LeChoking, D-Choking, Spochoking. Ain't nobody on this team wants to win the freaking championship.

Its like we don't even have a homecourt advantage... This is almost like a road game for us

Stiemsma, bass, pietrus..idiots only play against us

Rondo flopping...stiemsma and kg setting illegal screens EVERYTIME...I mean stiemsma literally threw out his entire leg to ward off chalmers and KG flagrantly pushes everyone in the back off a screen, how can you miss that?? Are they **** blind or on the take??

LeBron's been a disaster at the FT line. So much so, that even though his jumper is broke. He avoids going to the hoop cause he's worried about shooting Fts.

Why the **** is Stiesma shooting FT's? WHAT THE HELL?

Why foul u idiot? Let KG havae his basket.**** and 1

Great foul JJ. Next time, blow in his ear and maybe he'll botch the dunk.

I hope fans start throwing eggs at the players

We deserve to lose. Embarrassing. Pathetic.

We're pathetic right now, absolutely pathetic.

This game will be remembered as the game the Heat had a 13 point lead

How is it that scrubs like Pietrus and Dooling came make open 3's but Miller,Chalmers and Battier can't?

Bostons is getting anything they want inside, and the Heat can't make a single bucket. Watching this team is cringe worthy.

Rondo's outcoaching the Heat right now. Look at what Heat are running and look at how Rondo is orchestrating the Celtics.

Pierce has that look in his eye.... While we look frightened....

What a pathetic performance. After Miami loses this game and the series on Thursday, Spoelstra should be fired right on the spot. This team is so mentally fragile and clueless it's disgusting. It's one thing to lose in the finals but to be outplayed for the third game in a row by the flabby and sick Boston Celtics is downright criminal. I don't see Spoelstra ever getting an NBA head coaching job again.

That's good coaching there. Doc calls a TO immediately. And now they will run a SICK play to get an open shot.

Can someone explain to me how Boston does this to us all the time...they looked like **** against Atlanta and Philly and against us its the best team of all time lol...frustrating as hell man..

Nba wants okc Boston. Didn't even bother hiding it. Narrative commercial promos since the playoffs began.

The crowd sounds like they are at a funeral.

Does Pietrus play with **** oil on the bottom of his shoes? The guy is ALWAYS FALLING THE **** DOWN

Keep it up guys them old legs aint got no response ahahahaha hell yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lets go !!!


Pietrus making 3's. I swear that team has a four leaf clover attached to a horse shoe that's stuck up all their a**es.

If you leave Ray open again then say goodnight, warning to the Heat.

Pietrus, stiemsma, bass there scrubs are killing us. That was lucky play pietrus one, after great block by wade.

You notice that? After a Boston timeout, a sick play. For us.... Nothing.

We fold under pressure. Its unreal.

Did Bosh murder a kitten at half time? Why is he not in?

Rondo is killing us w/his hustle.

I want to finish this team out. And I mean THIS team, let's send Kg and Allen on their way out

We're trying to beat them with talent rather than a little execution, don't we know how to beat a basic zone?

Its comical having to watch Wade and James manufacture hero isolation offense, and see the Celtics make easy plays for eachother.

Can't even take an aged Celtics team

Pietrus. Flopping again.

**** pietrus, I just hate him

OMG **** THESE REFS CALL THAT FOUL ON WADE MAN were in Miami not Boston

What is wrong with this teams defense? What the ****. Seriously, WHAT THE ****. I cannot believe we are going to lose this game at home, having been up, with Celtics in the penalty for over 5 minutes, I just. This is absurd.

Boston is playing amazing...

I knew PIerce was going to shoot a 3.... LeBron, you are an idiot. I am sorry.

They are simply the better basketball team. That's all I can say at this point. We're going up against a better team.

We're going up against a better coach and system

Never thought the day we cant beat the "old and slow" Celtics

**** this team We're being beat by a team that will probably get swept in the finals

Remember what YOUR CAOCH said at the start of the 3rd "we'll be fine"

Hack their worse player

F***... Why foul Ray? Cool the greatest freethrow shooter ever at the line.

Of all people, they allow Ray Allen to ctach the ball.

If I were the ref I'd just award 2 points and skip the formality of Ray shooting them.

F*** you KG... Biggest punk in the league

And frankly, we deserve to lose this series. Absolutely no heart. And I don't see us ever getting better than this

There is no way Miami beats Boston on thursaday. The first lead or run the Celtics go on, this team will fold! Expect a blow out and Spo to be fired a few days later!

Miami plays better with its back against the wall Just like the Indiana series.

The problem is, this aint Indiana they are playing!

I f****ing cant stand this team anymore

I can't believe... We're going to lose to this old ass Celtics team.

I am of the opinion that with a healthy bosh, this would have been a 4-1 series in our favor

And if the Celtics had a healthy Allen, Pierce and Bradley?

Not as critical to these games as bosh being out, son.. And you know it

At least Pierce and Allen were actually out there. And they didn't look all that injured tonight. There really is no comparison

No point in following these clowns. The experiment failed; gut the team.

The fix has been in since game 3. The Celtics played the refs perfectly this series.

Just break this team up

Boston is clutch as ****. Damn, son.

Celtics are CLUTCH. They went down big early and fought back on our home court. We don't have it, our players don't have it in them. Our coach doesn't have it in him. Riley f'd this team up with some of his personnel moves.

Pathetic, they are not that good but we are making them look like they are.

Well, Boston still has to win one more game =)

And have been thoroughly outplayed the last 4 games

We all thought that this was the game for them to respond. Everything was going for us. The swing game on out home court and we couldn't get it done. I have no confidence we get it done at the garden

I really don't like this team. Haven't all year. No offensive game plan. They play lazy and hope for Hero shots or whistles to bail them out

We don't even get back on D the simplest thing in the game

And it wasn't just once, it happened consistantly The other teams star even called us out for it and we still did not respond

This is what happens when you blow your salary wad On 3 star players — one of whom is an emotional sieve, another who’s all height but no power, and a third whose best days are behind him. We’re everything that the haters said we are

Ugh, I hate the C’s !

At least we know Bosh is as close to or near 100%!

Heck, even with intestines hanging out, he is better than Joel. I say man up and play

At least we know the Celtics have no answer for Bosh like the Heat have no answer for KG! The more I think about it, if Spo doesn't have another mental lapse, game 6, with a Bosh going at least 30mins, looks very winable!


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