Ric Bucher was on Dennis and Callahan this morning. Bucher called himself a "big fan" of Jeff Green. It's uncertain whether Jeff Green will be willing to sign with the Celtics to come off the bench. In order to free up a starting spot for Green, Bucher floated the idea of a Paul Pierce for Pau Gasol trade, which he claims several GM's have said they'd do if they were the Lakers. But would Mitch Kupchak trade one of his 7 footers for a soon to be 35 year old Paul Pierce coming off an MCL injury. Would Ainge risk enraging the Boston fan base trading arguably one of the top 5 players in Celtics history to the team's bitter rivals. Ainge attempted to trade Pierce to the Nets at the deadline for their 1st rounder, but they preferred Gerald Wallace, so obviously Ainge isn't shy to offer Pierce around. Trading him to the Nets and trading him to the Lakers are two different animals.

Bucher says that a Rondo, Bradley, Green, Gasol, KG starting 5 would be very interesting and I agree. 2 multi talented 7 footers and two tremendous defensive guards. The thing is would KG be down to stay in Boston if Pierce is shipped out? I'm going to guess no. Would you trade Pierce to the Lakers for Gasol?

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