Before I switched off my laptop last night, Ben Gordon had just become a new Bobcat. The rumors around the NBA were wild, coming from every single direction. I also read about how Pau Gasol and his teammate Artest were offered to the Wizards. And yes, I even read about that (fake) rumor sending Rajon to the Sacramento Kings. And no, it was too early in the night for me to read about the (there again) fake words about KG´s retirement plan.

It´s a hard but really exciting time for NBA fans. Your team may do a lot right while you are reading this, and then again they may finally decline all talks and just select in the draft. A selection that will take place in exactly 1 day, 13 hours 23 minutes.

You may be wondering how is it possible that I took 5 minutes in writing just the two paragraphs above. Then again, that is not really interesting.

What matter is that if it´s kind of a wild period for fans, think about the organizations. Or more precisely, imagine you are not yourself and in fact you are Ben Gordon or Pau Gasol. You get up and bam! you are a member of the worst team in the league. Or maybe you get up and you just read that you may prepare your bags for a long (but exciting) trip from Portland to Boston...yes it´s you, Jamal Crawford.

It is a period of time in which everything -having memories of Kevin Garnett here- is absolutely possible. From fan made rumors to the real ones. Precisely, you may read how KG is going from finally coming back for next season (if you listen to Doc Rivers) to having some "hidden business" in San Antonio (turns out it is some charity business) to retiring, acording to the twitter frenzy that I missed while I slept last night.

I even read of a rumor trade of Boston´s #21,#22, 2013 2nd round (crazy what happened with OKC doctors), JaJuan Johnson and Paul Pierce for Dwight Howard. Yes, you read it well. MADNESS.

And yes, I also saw that infamous pic of Ray Allen wearing the Miami Heat jersey (no, I won´t add it to this piece...it hurts my eyes and my heart). You also were looking like a madman for rumors of Boston and Atlanta to land Josh Smith in Beantown. But all we found out it that they have a new GM and that he is more than ready to pull the trigger on a tasty deal. You are almost picturing Ainge and Ferry having lunch at some location between Boston and Atlanta. Or maybe you can imagine Ainge having breakfast and answering a phone call with the Atlanta area code. What a day!

In any case, the more likely scenario (for now) would probably be the Celtics keeping their picks and drafting some needed talent with strong Celtic attitude (Sullinger, White) some funny sounding name (Perry Jones III) or just some mysterious pick that we may do for another team and that we will include in a sign and trade transaction in July.

The 2012/13 season is about to start with the ceremony of the draft. It is the starting point of a frenetic post season that will bring us some new surprises. Are you ready to start opening the surprise boxes?

Just 1 day, 13 hours and 8 minutes from the big moment.

Or maybe the trade, the press conference or the draft promise is happening right now.

Let´s go Celtics!

Bohemian 6/27/2012 05:58:00 AM Edit
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