Sixers fans really are bad.  They trash their own team through most of the game and then when they win they get all upset when ESPN doesn't bow down and worship them.   They themselves were talking about how bad they were so what do they expect the commentators to do?  Little bit of everything here:  Ref complaints (although they really shouldn't have any), wheelchair references, death and injury wishes, Hawes Hate, and some fun graphics.   Enjoy today's comments and hopefully we finish them off in game 7 and put them out of their misery.   

Its hard to even look forward to winning because Indiana's dunzo.

Would rather get swept by the Heat in the ECF than lose in 6 or 7 to the Celtics now.

Lets face it, Boston has figured us out, for the past 3 games Boston got a 15-20 points lead in every game
We were lucky that on game 4 they pulled back and got bored or something while at the same time we got hot

Heres how you win. Keep the ball out of Rondos hands.

Remember Boston was lucky to win in game one We should have won that one.I sure we win tonight and the Pressure will be so bad on the pigs in game 7 that we will win.

I hope the crowd is crazy. Boos everytime Garnett touches the ball, goes completely overboard, shouts truly offensive things, makes me feel vaguely ashamed to be from Philly... But sort of proud at the same time.

We're going back to Boston for a Game 7.

I'm only assuming Kevin Garnett will get booed like he's crashing a ghost wedding reception.


Allen Iverson has arrived for game six. We will see him during introductions Can the Sixers sign him to a 3 hour contract? He would be more useful than Hawe

Big matchup: "Andre Iguodala's defense vs. Paul Pierce." Apparently AI has ceased to exist as an independent human being, much less two-way basketball player.

Fat dude on ESPN: "Fair weather day for fair weather fans" *fat chuckle* Yeah, F*** you too ESPN

It's nice that these commentators are essentially calling Philly fans fair weather as well, lol, ESPN...

Joey Crawford? Damn we gotta lot to overcome this game. Magic Jinx and now Joey?

Bass comes back to earth to the **** shooter he is.

We got a foul? WE GOT A FOUL!

You let ****ing ray Allen get that ****? What the ****

Hawes made a shot I still hate him.


These Celtics so deserve to win. they’re such good, honest, players…never moving on screens, never tripping other players, never talking trash.

And Hawes still can’t box out. Last game as a sixer me hopes!!

Aw crap The Rondo turd is loose

So it’s apparent that the announcers love the Celtics and hate everything about the Sixers

Rondo can’t handle ET in the post

YEAH DOC RIVERS...RAY ALLEN FOULED THE **** OUT OF TURNER YOU DUMBASS! Don't sit there and act like someone Shat in your cereal bowl!

Damn. I had to be a pessimist, but our fans kinda do suck. They give out all those damn t-shirts and half the people don't even wear them!

Can't we be like the OKC fans? They're a brand new franchise in freaking Oklahoma. 99% of their fans wear the blue t-shirts and are loud as hell.

You know who shouldn't be on the court? Hawes.

First Pierce scream=foul of the night

How does Pierce get to the basket so easily. He's so slow, but somehow just glides through everyone.

It's funny how EB didn't even get the AND1, but if that was Pierce the whistle would've been blown as soon as he drove.

I'd like to hit whoever is in charge of playing this Celtics BIG commercial with a chair.

I hate myself for liking that Celtics commercial

Where is OUR slo MO promo?

We've got EB and Spencer, we don't really need slo MO

“He’s very Rondo right now off the dribble”…even when they compliment the sixers, it’s actually a compliment to the Celtics. Ugh.

Brando Bass = the greatest player ever.

And pound for pound, one of our greatest American actors…

Any mediocre big = greatest player ever against our weak front court.

Ha, though I’ll take throwing the ball at Dooling’s face.

HEY!!! It’s not a foul to hit people in the face!!!

The Celts foul like the Spurs, what a bunch of girls

Don't let Garnett get going...
Dooling is slapping the crap out of everyone

Keyon Dooling sucks How did he get that prominent position with the NBPA?

Refs are treating Bass like he's a superstar after last game, foul call every time he touches the ball...

How was Rondo 2nd all defensive team?

This crowd is embarrassing, Garnett is at the line, minimal booing...

Refs keeping the C's in the game... Just like last game.

Can you guys imagine if Jrue yammed that on KG? ESPN probably would've cut to commercial to save they're beloved Celtics any embarrassment and the tape would've been thrown away.

Steamer fouls every ****ing time

If we could get Pietrus on a cheap vet contract this summer I'd be pretty pleased with that. Less for his play than for his locker room presence, but still.

Boston has true fans? BS, NO ONE watched the Patriots when they sucked or the Celtics.

No technical for Garnett’s shove?

No, it’s legal when he does it.

What happened to all those drives from before?

Refs stopped calling the blatant fouls on the Celtics, so they resorted to jumpers

That was atrocious. Rondo wants this game more than any Sixer.

Of course the Celtics get that 3. And of course Lou dribbles down the shot clock and forces a bad shot from someone else. And of course this team can’t box out. And of course they CAN’T MAKE AN F’ING FREE THROW!!! It’s not like this is an elimination game, right?

AI I love you and all but we just missed half the ****ing quarter. Jesus.

Thank God for that Iverson interview, saved us all from witnessing that embarrassing offensive performance in full screen.

Can't buy a fecken bucket, trade Iggy in the offseason please

Rondo is out hustling the entire sixers team

Thad is terrible grab the **** ball idiot

I can't believe they gave an offensive foul to the wheelchair man...

How many stupid players can we have? We are so full of them

What the ****, I hope Boston blows us out in the second half

Garnett isn't hitting a damn thing, Rondo has been none existent and we're down 3 at half. That's not good.

The problem is that KG and Bass will start making those shots eventually, and I'm not sure the 76ers will.

Celts are shooting 32%...20% from 3. And we're LOSING.

According to Magic, the reason why the Celtics can’t easily beat the sixers is because they’re tired. That’s the only reason. Not because we match up well or anything

We suck. They’re just in denial that the Celtics suck a little less.

I just folded laundry for thirty minutes and watched the Sixers score 30 points. There must be more to life than this.

I wish I did laundry tonight….maybe I can sort my sock drawer.

When our playoff run ends, I want to see a rundown of our worst offensive quarters.

So you wanna replay every game except game 2 of the first round?

I swear, it would take this team 45 minutes to complete one game of knockout.

The Celts' "lockdown" defense isn’t so special, it’s called reaching

The calls this game is better than game 5.

Sixers should change the motto to "Sixers basketball, it's gonna be ugly!"

I'm praying brand gets into it with garnett tonight. They have come close a couple times now.

That's great. Doc rivers has to tell the ref that that was a travel.

Pierce yelps and it's a foul. What a disgrace.

Our crowd looks regular season.. And we look like the bobcats

Celtics shooting an abysmal .277 I bet they can raise that to .490 by the middle of the 4th.

Please Sixers, save us from the Celtics in the ECF

Why is Spencer Hawes on this basketball team.

Because Rik Smits is too old?

Pierce is such an annoying bitch How can we win if he gets every single call. So frustrating

Pierce is a F***ing joke. He’s such a flopper. I don’t care how much smoke guys like Simmons blow up his ass. He’s a faker.

The amount of callis pierce is getting is laughable.

Sixers need to just start punching Boston players, they are getting the calls anyway so might as well make them feel a real foul

Is Rivers biased or just blind? He complains about every call that clearly isn't in favor of Boston, but gets to see it better than anybody.

Pierce is the flopping king

Being in the bonus is awesome. Missing free throws sucks. I'm so confused right now.

I once met Paul Pierce in a diner... I shook his hand and a ref appeared and called a hand check on me.

I parked in his handicapped spot once I’m such an a-hole

These announcers sure love them some Rondo!

I don't see the appeal he’s a less polished version of Russell Westbrook

Smack the Celts around, this is fun!

Someone farted! Foul call for pierce!!

He screamed = Foul no matter what. Now a walk before the KG shot. Refs in on the fix.

I like how Garnett just hovers around the 3pt line and is open everytime.

I hope Daniels breaks both elbows so he can;t do his stupid dance

Ok...Pierce gets a foul call every time he's touched. Lou and the rest of our team get hacked multiple times on half our shots and don't get any calls. Pierce is maybe my least favorite player in the NBA.

Quit blaming the refs already, the SIxers are being handed this game by the C's and if they lose it it's because they blew it, not because the refs blew their whistle

HOW THE F was that not a foul. Refs affecting the game blatantly.

Rondo's a dead man!

“They don’t belong here, but here they are! Stern must want Boston tired from a 7-game series so the Heat will go to the Finals!”


Garnett is huffing and puffing lol If there's a Game 7 we have to literally be running for 48 minutes

Damn it Lou. Allen is gonna get this ball. Deny him

How does ray Allen get left wide open. You cant lose sight of him

Man, Ray Allen has really lost it. It's a shame he went to Boston, because I always liked the guy. But in this case, I'm glad he's not himself anymore.

Yeah baby game 7 Saturday!!! Eat it KG!

Sucks game 7 is sat to much rest

Yeah I'm not sure why they’re delaying it so long, I guess to give the Celtics a chance to rest

The pressure is all on Boston we have to just play our game
And watch them choke.

Hope someone throws a beer on KG in the tunnel

So when the refs call an even game, and the Sixers shoot horribly from the line, they are still able to win

Some excellent “analysis” on espn right now…Celtics lost because Rondo didn’t play well.

Chris Broussard “analysis” – Celtics lost because this is “just how they do it” (go to game 7’s)

All Jon Barry could say is umm if Rondo doesn't play well the Celtics don't play well.

Oh I see, losing game 6 is just what Boston and the BIG 3 does. It’s all part of plan. They literally have not mentioned the Sixers once in the post game.

I like the Stern-wanting-to-make-sure-Celtics-are-tired-so-they-can’t-beat-Miami-in-the-ECF conspiracy theory best, though. It appeals to my sense of the absurd

Magic Johnson “analysis” – Celtics lost because the eastern conference (Celtics and Heat only) have been inconsistent compared to the western conference.

Well, no sense in the Pacers and Sixers playing any more games. Magic already said it’s going to be Boston-Miami

Boston is having white-on-green exhibitions and they still can’t win. What would happen if a Real Team showed up to play them?

I know you guys hate listening to these ESPN dudes but I love it. They're so repulsed by our play, its kinda cute.

We know we suck, do you know that the Celtics suck as well? Enjoy the rebuilding years with a PG who is only good because of his team.

The Celtics think they are a good team. This is two crappy teams, they just don't know it

Boston fans and ESPN completely forget that the Celtics were sub-500 for a good part of the year. Why does anyone consider Boston a challenge for Miami if that ends up being the conference finals match-up?

LOL at the ESPN guys especially Jon Barry continually not give us any credit. It's all what Boston isn't doing and nothing about what Philly is doing.

He's an *** for not acknowledging what the Sixers didn't do, like make FTs for example, but he's right that Boston didn't show up tonight. Rondo looked awful.

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