Happy New Year to all Celtic fans as the team carries over the success against the Pistons into Washington where they beat the Wizards 94-86.  Washington is still looking for their first win of the season.

            The Wizards are led by John Wall who is not having the most successful start to his sophomore campaign with only 13 points and 6 assists per game.  The Wizards famously had a weird situation happen last game for them where Flip Saunders forgot to activate Roger Mason in the line up, then proceeded to substitute the player in.

            This is the perfect opponent for the Celtics to get back on track as they try to recover from their three loss road trip.  Paul Pierce is in the starting line up again, however, it is unlikely that we see the Captain play starters minutes.  Washington has two large bodies in the paint, so my focus on this game will be the defensive end, more importantly the points in the paint battle.

            The Celtic bigs have done an average job handling the defensive paint to start the game.  One play they allowed a JaVale McGeee to split the defense for an easy dunk, on another play Kevin did a fantastic job of denying the entry pass.  The team will need to help prevent easy entry passes to the Wizards bigs early in the shot clock.  Right now, Washington is struggling to spread the floor forcing rushed shot attempts.
            Stiemsma, Marquis Daniels and Avery Bradley come in with a little over two minutes left in the first to join Keyon and Brandon Bass.  Keeping the lead or extending is always the goal of the bench, not play like the score is 0-0.  The bench held their ground, as the first quarter ends Boston ahead 28-17.  Execution on both ends has been exceptional which will make Doc Rivers a happy man.

Boston starts the second quarter Avery Bradley, Keyon Dooling, Marquis Daniels, Brandon Bass and Kevin Garnett.  We get our first television timeout with 9:44 left in the second quarter as the team moves the lead to 13 points leading 32-19.

            The first half ends with the Celtics defense doing the heavy lifting holding Washington to 17 points per quarter.  Washington has stopped trying to work the ball into the big guys resulting in the guards trying to do too much.  Thankfully for the Celtics, the Wizards haven’t figured out that the ball moves faster through passing opposed to dribbling. 

            Kevin Garnett is leading the Celtics in scoring with 12 points and 6 rebounds as they hold a lead of 51-34.  Rajon Rondo is on his way to another triple double with 6 points, 9 assists and 4 rebounds.  Boston needs to continue the ball movement as they have 10 out of the 11 players with at least one made basket.

            A couple of baskets by the Wizards to start the second half have forced Doc into a timeout.  The starters are playing as if they have already won the game.  After the time out they pick up the intensity and ball movement showing that the reminder has worked for the moment.

Rajon makes offense look easy as he feeds Jermaine an easy dunk attempt.  Getting everyone involved is what Rondo does best.  Another feature of Rondo’s game is drawing fouls, usually none shooting during the change of possessions and fast breaks. Closing out the quarter on an eight to two run, the Celtics lead 73-60 heading into the fourth quarter.

            Ray Allen and the bench hold the lead for the rest of the starters with 8:37 left leading the Wizards 90-69 after John Wall nails a three.  John Wall is taking advantage of Rondo’s rest time.  Boston takes a time out as Washington cuts the lead to 7, trailing 80-73 with 7:44 left in the game.

            Boston runs the lead back to 13 with a couple of easy baskets due to forced turnovers.  Kevin Garnett has been collecting the basketball much stronger than he has in the first few games, finally has some juice left in that body.  The ball movement has returned and so has the double digit lead.  It’s wonderful to see this team play offensive when all five players on the court touch the ball.

            Rajon Rondo got his first triple double of the season with 2:50 left in the game as he seems to be everywhere on the basketball court.  Washington takes a time out trailing the Celtics 94-79.  The Celtics have recaptured the rebounding battle as they look to close this game out.  Many Washington fans have already left the building.

Doc Rivers pulls the starters with 1:39 left to go, as we have seen a lot of the bench play throughout this season so far.  The more time they can get on the floor the more ready they will be come playoff time. Boston closed out the game with a 94-86 win, in a game that was not as close as the score says.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought E'Twaun Moore has over took Avery Bradley?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm glad the Celtics won! The second half could have been better but they played good overall. Rondo got a triple double and Garnett had 24 points 9 rebounds

  3. nish says:

    good game, lets get a 3 game winning streak tomorrow

  4. They did say Moore would play over Avery, maybe it was just a ploy to get Avery trying harder in practices?


    The easiest way to start this poem ,
    Is to rejoice in the fact that the Cs won at home. 
    That  is so "last year" but it seems it did bode
    Well for a win tonight on the road.

    Q1 a thing of beauty to see,
    Cs basketball the way it should be.
    Stiemsma, Bass, Marquis, Bradley, Dooling, 
    Worked hard to end Q1, they weren't fooling.

    Q2 saw Bradley score at the start,
    KG, the half's high scorer,  playing with heart.
    Cs--ten different scorers, plus many an assist,
    Glad our captain is back, the Truth was missed.

    Jeff Green in the house, his Hoyas he did see, 
    After his surgery he'll finish his degree.
    Cs aggressive, assists and scoring all around, 
    As the starters and the bench a rhythm they have found.

    Slow start for the Cs to start Q3,
    Wall coast to coast, impossible is he.
    Javale McGee (great name) with a double double,
    Wall  briefly on the bench,  in foul trouble.

    Wizards are athletic, they have upped the pace,
    Trying to make something happen in their home place.
    RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, his second tonight,
    Stiemsma and Bass do so much right!

    KG  and Rondo, they lit up the place, 
    When he has an assist, got to love KG's face!
    A triple double for the Cs number nine.
    I hope JO's hamstring really is fine.

    Wizards wanted a win, but alas, no go, 
    (Don't really love the  Wizards' logo).

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nice Win by the Celtics (Rondo will have a beast season)
    Nice Celtics poem lol


  7. Much love for the boys tonight. The Golden Child is on his way to a monster season. Nice job Celtics Love. Enjoyed the words.

  8. Thought Rondo had more than 11 boards...I was counting from seven and I could have sworn he had 13. Whatever. He's the man.

  9. Anonymous says:

    let's just hope no injuries will happen..

  10. Anonymous says:

    Rondo finally playing like how he was playing when perk was still in the team, and nice job by KG, still waiting for pierce to come back into the game playing more minutes

  11. zack w. says:

    rondo is really putting on a promissing season. the trade rumours must have been boosting him to improve his game. glad for that!

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