Another fun night on the boards.   It's so much fun when we win.    I love how over confident they are to start and how much they hate on their own team at the end.  Instead of giving the Celtics credit,  they blame their team.   And once again,  it always amazes me when fans wish harm to players.  I hope you enjoy today's comments.... What's your favorite?  

I keep seeing people walking around campus with Boston hats and T-shirts, and I wanna kick them in the shins. Like the Pacers are gonna do tonight! A little Psycho T shinkick should put KG out for a while.

I'm sick and tired of the Celtics, I want to sweep them this year, tonight is step 3 of 4.

Boston w/o 3 starters - Rondo, Ray Allen or JO - tonight.

Could all 3 be out cause of a trade with the Pacers?
I kid, I kid.
Would be nice to get them though.

All 3 of them for David West....that would be Funny as Hell! (not for David tho)!

Time to take on those retirement home Celtics once again!

The Celtics will sure be a younger team without Jo and Allen

If they don't win this game by 15+ points I will be disappointed. A loss would be a MASSIVE embarrassment.

If our young and rested team can't beat this team of geezers and d leaguers then we don't deserve to be in the league.  They don't even have 3 of their starters.  Should be a cake walk.   Pacers by 30+

Good god...I'm having the Tommy Heinsohn feed...

OK, you've got to give us some of his best (worst) lines. C'mon. If you gotta suffer at least help us get a laugh out of it.

This should be an easy win... Half the team is sitting out

Can’t be like the Magic. Need to take advantage of 2 very good players being out for the Celts….and JO.

I will always think that that Paul Pierce thing was set up from the very beginning. Since when do you remove a seriously injured player from the court by carrying him off with 4 people?

Let's run them out of the gym and have them all begging for wheel chairs by the end of the game.  They played last night and will be gasping for air by half time.  

Their fans are loud... Can't even here Quinn

We should blow this Cs team out by 20+ they played last night and used tons of energy and quite frankly without Rondo and Ray they aren't very good.

Celtics look to have plenty of energy tonight. No excuse to lose to them though

A couple of good punches in the throat and they should be done after expending all that energy last night.

Bass has a mid range shot??? Damn.

Amundson is bad. Can we trade him? Or maybe just shoot him?

Why shoot him? It’d just miss anyway.

Sasha Pavlovic to Chris Wilcox Is beating us. I don’t like these games

We should have two starters in at all times. They can rest when they’re dead.

Brandon Bass can’t freakin miss.

Wilcox having a field day!

Does MDaniels have a dead black cat on his head?

I met Quis in San Fran, he may be one of the strangest people I've ever run into.

Someone may want to get in Bass' jersey.

I wish Lou wouldn't try to do anything offensive.

As soon as he steps on the floor he is offensive.

If we lose this ****ing game I will be so pissed. They are missing two of their top 4 players

Is it too late to reconsider the McRoberts trade? At least if he were here and Tyler were gone, we’d have a PF that wasn’t afraid of throwing elbows at people’s throats. We could use that from time to time.

Are we getting cocky or are we facing a diff Boston team?

At this point I just wish Hansbrough would punch somebody....

I vote for Paul Pierce to get one in the mouth

We're shooting 28%. Can we just quit?

This had BETTER be a game of two halves, you morons.

They are an old team in a b2b game and missing 3 of their starters.We simply don't take advantage of that and also have a lazy attitude.We need to wake up.

It's their (relatively) younger players that are playing well- Wilcox, Pietreus, and Bass.

KG keeps pushing Tyler, I don't think he likes him

We must've really angered Paul Pierce...

****ing Pierce. Anyone have a wheelchair handy?

Somebody stab Pierce...oh wait...

Why have all of our guys forgotten how to defend Paul Pierce?

3 dudes don’t have to collapse on Garnet’s 40 year old ass.

Pacers getting beaten by a D-League Celtics team That even played last night.

Rondo looks like a younger version of Billy Bob in Slingblade.

And Ray Allen looks like that Jesus shuttlecock In that movie….oh, wait

Attack Stiemsma. He can't play defense.

Steimsma looks like an extra in a Nazi propaganda film.

Pierce is killing Danny. Anyone going to guard Pierce?

What is this voodoo the Celtics have And where do we buy it?

Pierce the player I hate most in the NBA Plays when he wants to.

I think he just hates the Pacers for some reason.... …must be b/c Bird will always have more love than him in Boston.

Wow Pierce! Those legs ain't dead after all

Haha, the Celtics commentators complaining about West getting two bogus FT's. LOL... Like Pierce has not been getting TONS of those the past 10+ years!

Hopefully Paul learns from the clinic Pierce just used against him in that quarter.

U know its sad when they are doing 1 on 1's for marquis

Still at his age Pierce>Danny

I don't see how we can't stop pierce... It is beyond me...

The Pacers handled the Celtics easily TWICE this season and are on the verge of being blown out tonight by them minus three starters

FT 22/22 is awesome... Can't believe we are getting whooped.

We've been getting the benefit of the refs.  I can't complain.  they let a lot of stuff go both ways but we're getting more calls than them. 

Celtics are a better team than they were earlier in the season. Pierce is playing like Pierce again. When we first played them three weeks ago he was a sloth. Now he is entering his mid-season form. They will be a team to be reckoned with when Rondo and Ray get back, especially if guys like Moore, Bass, Wilcox, and Pietrus keep producing.

How do you go from looking like contender to a team that needs to be blown up in one night

No way Pacers should be losing to these geezers after they played last night. Unreal

Thank god we don't play the Celtics until April These guys are getting it together

No they arent Look at their starting five, it’s probably the worst in the nba if that was their regular lineup we just didn't make any shots,

Boston's announcers are beyond delusional. Even if they were rooting for the Pacers, I wouldn’t be able to stand them. Something Rush Limbaugh-ish about them.

Here's what we need... 5 techs on Boston players. Get us the 5 FTs and give us a chance. Lol

Rasheed is retired dude.... …no hope.

The lineup the C’s started tonight, in 2012, couldn't win consistently in the d-league

They've destroyed the Magic twice With this lineup. They even spotted them a 27-point lead last night.

Pierce's 4 layups with his left hand average speed 2mph!

How many times does Pierce get to the rim uncontested before the defense adjusts? I guess never?

Bill Kennedy is jacked

Ref trying to help us win tonight and we couldn't take advantage

We hit 18 more FTs than them though. That’s gotta hurt.

Tommy Heinsohn should become a referee. Seriously...

Pietrus burns Danny again!

The fans are celebrating too much. Ill never forget this.

KG celebrating publicly when the game is still ongoing!!! Scandalous!!

Tommy Heinsohn on Pietrus' foul: "What's wrong with that?"

Kevin Garnett ran in there like it was some kinda bar fight or something...

Can someone put a bullet in tommy's head god I hate listening to this moron

Pietrus is a *****!What's up with the constant taunting throughout the game?Someone should slap his face

Someone needs to deck this French scumbag Pietrus the next game.

He is actually what we need.

Not IMHO.....he's not a difference maker.

Only saw the box score... But 05.3% from three will do any team in.

I will never forget the way KG celebrated during a regular season game. I can't wait to play them again!


I mean Hibbert played against a really tough Center tonight....woo, wait.. What center?

He was defended by this guy named Kevin Garnett for most of the game...maybe you've heard of him?

I hate the city of Boston. I hate the Celtics. I hate Paul Pierce. I hate Kevin Garnett. I hate every referee on any level/decree of basketball ever. I hate the NBA. I hate some of the decisions made by this team. I hate Tyler Hansbrough. I REALLY hate Lou Amundson. I hate karma. I hate Fridays (**** you Rebecca Black). I hate my life, and I hate basketball right now.

FLCeltsFan 1/28/2012 11:54:00 AM Edit
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