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The NBA's a cold cold business. Surprised a vet like O'Neal doesn't know this by now.

JR 12/10/2011 12:25:00 AM Edit
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  1. wordddd says:

    what a fuckin prick. Move this prick

  2. DH says:

    JO can take his LeJaunty clothing line and broken knees to South Beach. I don't think anyone in Boston is going to cry over it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    the heat would have to want him lmaooo

  4. JR says:

    lol on the LeJaunty clothing line. Hahahaha

  5. Danny says:

    I thought there were two too many O'Neals riding the bench last year.....I still think there is one too many O'Neals on the roster for this year.

  6. Ben says:

    Is that supposed to be a deterrent???? I hope they don't waive him.

  7. CelticsJK says:

    Go eat ur Fruity Pebbles lol

  8. J.O. deserves being on a championship team!!! He has been working his ass off, whether its us, the heat, etc

  9. El Mofo! says:

    Threatens?. To sign? With the Heat? Don't you need wrists to sign stuff?.

    GTFOH with that 'threaten' biz.

  10. Anonymous says:

    He is acting like a baby!! C'MON Danny trade away we dont want this prick on our team if hes gunna act like this. David West is a huge addition to this team and I have a feeling that Danny is up to something right now. Maybe Dwight Howard?

  11. I think you guys are overreacting, this dude worked his ass off all summer, lost weight, gained muscle, all just to be the center the Celtics need. So I can see why he would want to move to a championship team, put yourself in his position, what would you do? Let all the work you put in your body goto waste?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Cool story JO

  13. Anonymous says:

    The messed up thing is we have no O'Neils/O'Neals nor do we have Kenderick Perkins. It was assumed that the O'Neals would take his place, NOT. What's up with No one wanting to play for the Hornets they must really suc. Lastly Jermaine O'Neal already was on the Heat at one time and was traded. Its time he joined the other O'Neil and get promoted to commentator.

  14. J9 says:

    childish move by j.o, broken ass player.

  15. JR says:

    JO has a trade kicker in his contract, so he actually gets a 7.5% raise if traded.

  16. Anonymous says:

    before you jumo into any conclusion and start celebrating David West is sick but we dont know how healthy he is, and another factor WHAT YOU should be looking at is why are we looking into West, he did played for NOLA, and Chris Paul is still there, they did played together and were fond of each other. SO IF ANYTHING I be worry of what exactly is going through Danny Ainges Mind Stop celebrating for a moment and actually think

  17. Anonymous says:

    You mad bro

    T Rose

  18. Anonymous says:

    doubt CP3 would still sign an extension with the C's even if West is here. Having West as a teammate or having kobe or anthony as a teammate? you pick.

    i would hope that the C's go after CP3 and Dwight howard, and trade away rondo, ray allen, JO, and West and involve a third team.
    starting five: CP3, bradley/dooling, pierce, garnett, howard?

  19. Ben says:

    Why is everyone wanting to trade Ray Ray away way? He's in the best shape of any of the aging Big 3. And what's the deal with wanting to get a rid of Rondo! What the hell!

  20. CelticsAvenger says:

    people saying to trade Ray makes no sense, he'll instantly transform any team into a Championship caliber threat, people need to stop drinking the kool aid that younger is always better, Ray Allen makes most of these young stars look stupid on a daily basis

  21. CelticsAvenger says:

    But i kind of understand Jermaine's frustration, after all these free agency moves done by the Celtics and the way the big 3 are still powerful as ever, Jermaine knows they are destined for the title and he has been in the league long enough to feel that he should get at least one. I hope they are able to get David West without trading O'Neal but David West is a better player and acquisition so they should still go for it regardless, but still having Jermaine would be great as he is a true, experienced center

    Delonte West and Leon Powe is the guys the C's should put effort into next, time to get the band back together, already got Quis

  22. Cesar says:

    There is also a possibility that J'O can get Waived and who knows we can pick him up again??? I mean its been done before with Big Z and the Cavaliers before... That could all depend on Jo point of view he was great towards the end, but the only way im 100% behind this is if and IF only David West is 100 % anything lower than that is a big gamble

  23. JO is going to the Lakers after he gets traded by NOK in the cp3 deal.

  24. Rookie of the Year says:

    Dear Coco (guy from the shout Box), If you are reading this, I'm really really sorry about my rude comments toward a Celtics Fan, So im asking if you can un-ban me. I swear as god is my witness, I will never make fun of someone again when using the shout box, Thanks,And I hope you accept my apology and un-ban me cause I love talking to celtics fans. :)

  25. Three Toe says:

    hahaha nice one rookie. i thought the whole point of the shoutbox was to make fun of people? I guess we should rename it to the "be courteous and respectful cause we don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings box"

    anyways, i can understand JO's attitude. It's actually kind of nice seeing a player want to go win a championship instead of wanting to hang out with your buddies. By showing his cards, he implies that he wants to stay here, so we shouldn't bash him. He just goes about it immaturely. JO is probably not a good poker player.

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