Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jeff Green and his family as it has been reported the early detection of his condition may have very well saved his life. The loss of Green for the season is a blow the Celtics could not have prepared for especially in this fashion. 

While they may not have been prepared, there is no choice but to adjust and attempt to amend the situation.

Eight short and crucial days remain before the season begins. The hand of Danny Ainge is almost being forced to make a move to help the roster but the salary cap rules over the Celtics.

Even with the likelihood that Green’s $9 million contract will be voided, Boston can still only offer the veterans minimum to any potential acquisitions.   

That leads us to our next and very likely Green Target:
Update: The Kings claimed Outlaw off waivers, so he is no longer in play.

How the Celtics could get him: Outlaw was amnestied by New Jersey earlier in the week and is about to clear waivers. He has garnished interest from a handful of teams but the Celtics would almost certainly have to be at the top of his list in terms of a competitive situation where he could get significant playing time. As previously mentioned the Celtics can only offer the veterans minimum and Outlaw is not likely to receive more than that from any other team.

Outlaw has a high release with range on his jumper and is capable of slashing to the basket while finishing with contact.  He could be a nice spot up jump shooter from the corners with Rondo feeding him the ball. His length and athleticism make him a capable defender who can guard positions 2-4 which fits into the versatile lineup plans Doc Rivers had for the Celtics this season.

Outlaw's jumper is very streaky. After signing a sizeable contract in the summer of 2010 he shot just .37% from the floor and .30% from three last season. For someone with his length he doesn't get many steals or blocks and he became primarily a jump shooter last season. His confidence was erased by the coaching tactics of Avery Johnson and he lost his starting position towards the middle of the season.

The 6'9 swing man could certainly flourish in a system like that of the Celtics. Outlaw has talent and was actually on the radar of Ainge last summer before the Nets threw their checkbook at him. Time is of the essence and the Celtics need to make a decision. Sign a guy like Outlaw or be forced into playing Sasha Pavlovic extended minutes.

An Al Thornton profile is coming soon to Celtics Life. To check out more Green Targets click here.

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  1. WShaw says:

    Just as I post this rumors are the Kings put in a claim for him? What are they doing?

  2. WShaw says:

    Rumor no more..it is true. Outlaw to Sacto

  3. JR says:

    Thanks for giving the Kings the idea! ;) J/k Oh well.

  4. WShaw says:

    LOL JR I have no idea what the Kings are doing. That moves seems to make no sense and the Knicks were going to battle us for him I am sure.

  5. JR says:

    I guess they look at him as an "asset" that someone might trade for.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yo we may have got swindled in that Marhon Brooks trade. The Kobe comparison was spot on. Watched him today and he's the scorer we need. Lets hope jujaun can contribute in some way or this could be another vlade divac situation.

  7. WShaw says:

    Kobe might be a much still for Brooks but I think he has the makeup of a great scorer and potential game changer. Johnson will be a great pro for a long time though so we didn't make out badly at all.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Kings got outlaw today

  9. Anonymous says:

    Update that shit! geez Outlaw is gone

  10. ThomasJ says:

    Kings overpaid ($3 mil) for Outlaw, wouldn't want to see C's give him that. How did Portland get Jamal Crawford for 2 yrs/$10 mil? Could use his scoring big time. I'd take a chance on Baron or Gilbert before Outlaw. One or both will be in NY since they have no backcourt. We could use Deshawn Stevenson more than Posey's corpse, too.

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