Delonte West has had one of the most interesting careers in the NBA thus far.  Playing for awful teams (2006 Celtics anyone?) to pairing up in Cleveland during Lebron's best years.  The one thing that Delonte has never been able to achieve is job security.  Always playing for that next contract has kept him hungry, but even with a longer contract, Delonte will still give everything he has.  Julian Benbow has a fantastic piece on Delonte at Boston.com today.   Below are a few quotes from Delonte:
“It’s all about the perception that can be embedded in people’s mind from bad decisions I’ve made,’’ said West.

“I’m a real person,’’ he said. “My goal for the summer was repairing the image.’’

“My biggest thing that I haven’t had since I’ve been in the league really is comfort,’’ he said. “I haven’t had anyone say, ‘We actually believe what you can do.’ ’’
“Because I was pulled over, now I’m a league minimum player?’’ West said. “I’m one of those guys that have to keep proving myself over and over again. That’s been the story of my life, and that’s OK.’’
Delonte also spoke briefly the emotions of playing for the Seattle Supersonics during their last season in Washington state.
“You didn’t know what to expect,’’ he said. “Playing that season, that half a season, just not knowing if we were going to leave or go to a different city. Things were in boxes. There wasn’t that settled feeling.’’
He also spoke about the requirements the Celtics front office had on him this past year with his legal and personal problems.

“But at the same time, that’s all right if that’s what it takes,’’ he said. “You’d be surprised what some people would do to be able to put on an NBA jersey."
“So if had to call four times a day to let my team owner know where I’m at, or if they wanted me to let them know when I got back from Costco, I’m willing to do that.’’
You have got to feel for Delonte.  Slam held an interview with West regarding his gun charges and his explanation about how his 'Ma Dukes' was screaming at him to remove all the weapons in the house because she didn't want them around.  Clearly, everyone has made mistakes, if only Delonte took a vehicle that wasn't a motorcycle while on his prescriptions, the situation could have been avoided.  Delonte then speaks of the up coming free agency period and his future.
“If I was comfortable somewhere, I’d have no problem being in that sixth man type of talk,’’ he said. “I could be that guy that could be in the Sixth Man of the Year type conversation.’’

“Eight years in, I’ve had the young mistakes,’’ he said. “I’ve put those behind me. I’ve shown that I can play this game at a high level, hit the tough shot. I’m ready to go. Wherever fits right.’’
I know I would love to have him back wearing Celtic green next year.  He has proven to be a big time player and will do whatever his team needs him to do.  The question I have for our readers is, would you want Delonte back?

Jacob Noble 12/01/2011 12:20:00 PM Edit
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  1. I didn't want to put this in the psot, but I would like to thank Celticslife for allowing me the opportunity to write my Celtics passion since I host a general NBA blog.

  2. kunzang says:

    yes, i want him back!!!

  3. JerseyKid says:

    I would love to have delonte back. He played very well before and even after his injury. Plus it would be mnice to give the guy something to be thankful for so he can get his life back in order.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Delonte was good when he played, but he stayed injured way too much. If he's willing to sign one more minimum than yeah we should go for it. He gives it his all and his reckless play is the reason he gets injured so much.

  5. Anonymous says:

    He's a damn good hustle player. No doubt i want him back.

  6. Anonymous - good point, but you can't fault a guy who gives it his all. I would rather have one of those guys get hurt instead of anyone on the pistons team who quit. I say sign Delonte to a 3 year deal around $9-$10 million.

  7. Tim says:

    I hope they bring him back. Every team could use a guy like Delonte!

  8. iamsaws says:

    110% want him back. He is in the most under rated category. That it is even a question is a joke.

    I am sure bradley is a good kid, but Delonte is night and day better

  9. Also, West is a Costco guy, im more of a BJ's type of person.

  10. shelbyl says:

    I like Delonte. When he broke that wrist last year, I really felt for the guy. You think that you're finally going to get it back, and 5 games later, poof.

    I believe he has proven that he's a stable guy under Celtics' roof and Doc's guidance. Celtics like him, I hope he likes Celtics.

    I don't see why he should not come back.

  11. JR says:

    Great line: "Because I was pulled over, now I’m a league minimum player?"

  12. Anonymous says:

    Definitely bring him back. This article really makes me feel for him though.

  13. that was def a great line! If it wasn't for the Costco one, thatd be my favorite

  14. CelticsAvenger says:

    Delonte West is definitely going to continue being a Celtic for a long time, he embodies what it means to be one

  15. YGR says:

    YES BRING WEST BACK. he was the best player on our bench (when healthy) and we can't afford to lose him. if he can stay healthy, he'd be able to give Rondo rest as well as Ray Ray. If we don't resign him, this offseason will be a failure, in my opinion.

  16. Beantown says:

    We gotta bring west back. I'm not looking for them to sign him for a ton of money though, they need to find a happy medium somehow.

  17. Delonte belongs in Boston.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I agree bring him back! He def proved he is worthy of wearing a Celtic jersey....

  19. Anonymous says:

    definitely! with arms wide open

  20. Anonymous says:

    delonte loves boston and boston loves him..

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