Earlier this evening, the Boston Herald reported that the David West to Boston deal was dead, which caused a storm of chaos among Celtics fans.

Don't worry, Celtics Nation. A more reliable source, Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports, more recently reported that the deal was still good and is in the process of being finalized:
Free-agent forward David West is nearing an agreement to join the Boston Celtics on a three-year deal that will pay him between $27 million and $29 million, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.
The Celtics are working to complete a sign-and-trade deal with the New Orleans Hornets, and are expected to include center Jermaine O’Neal and guard Sasha Pavlovic. The Hornets are believed to have a third team willing to take O’Neal, the veteran center.
The move would leave the Celtics without a true center, and West would likely play most of his minutes at power forward.
We will see how this all plays out in the coming hours, but for now, we still have hope that David West will be wearing Celtics green.

Danielle Hobeika 12/10/2011 03:41:00 AM Edit
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  1. Reean says:

    Noo!! Keep JO!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    lets be really how many games will jo play hell rarely get the ball on offense

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope this trade happen, and happens soon. JO isn't much help.

  4. Karl says:

    Great pick up

  5. Anonymous says:

    we really need this guy but also wish there was a way to get him without dropping JO

  6. Cesar says:

    ^ there is a way of getting both buts its tricky, if the deals goes through, and JO asks for waivers, we would have to wait 10 days or so but if no other teams pick him up we can resign him just how the cavs did with Big Z in 2010. but the thing now is whether he be willing to sign back or will he just do what he says and sign with another contender.. I really like Jo and the only way im on board with this deal is if we are certain is 90% healthy. if not it really is a big gamble but ofcourse DA isnt afraid to pull the trigger. we do still have the MLE of 3 mil. which could be offer to JO after waivers. I really hope thats something they are talking about for a possible return..

  7. Cesar says:

    worse case scenario the NBPA will file a law suit on the NBA if CP3 deal not resolve by monday... which means the David west deal could be done by then, but the only concern here is that if deals goes through before monday so basically today, or tomorrow. The Hornets could use JO as part of the assets to land Odom Scola Dragic and Martin, Gasol to Rockets, and JO with CP3 to Lakers.. Honestly that really does look like a promising deal so dont be surprise if it goes through, and JO ends up wearing purple and gold. Sure David West is nice and all but with JO and Bynum to the lakers those are more bargaining chips lakers could thrown in at ORL, But accordign to sources Nets have acquired Nene for 4 yrs. something amount of money and rumours have made it clear they intend to trade for Howard along with Lopez.. Expect big movements by Monday. other wise big controversy will happen in the NBA involving The NBPA..

  8. Pete says:

    Under the new CBA, we could not resign JO for one calendar year.

  9. Three Toe says:

    I love the idea of D West coming here, but why does Danny Ainge hate centers so much? Can't we have... one?

  10. shelbyl says:

    JO's playoff performance was pretty decent for a guy who just came off of an injury. I love D West, but I think you are rushing to dismiss JO.

    People won't agree with me, but I think we need JO more than we need D West right now. I would hate to see JO play for Heat or Lakers, which is quite likely given the holes in their rosters.

  11. JO never plays. He'll be injured within one week of the season. Get this deal done now and don't look back.

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