WEEI.com just sent out the following news blast to all subscribers:

Multiple reports: Hornets informing teams they're sending Chris Paul to Lakers for P. Gasol and L. Odom
Yahoo's  Adrian Wojnarowski also posted the following on Twitter. It now looks as though CP3 won't end up with the Celtics, and Danny Ainge might have destroyed the chemistry by shopping Rondo around for nothing.

Danielle Hobeika 12/08/2011 06:20:00 PM Edit
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  1. Bohemian says:

    Apparently is a three team trade with Houston included. Gasol would go to Houston.

    Wow, just wow...

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is ridiculous way to go Danny,, you wasted soo much time trying to trade Rondo and it back fired against us.. now camp starts tomorrow we signed no players or even talked to agents..

  3. Gasol goes to Houston for Scola, Martin, and Dragic.

    What does everybody think now? Rondo is still the building block? I hope he doesn't pout for a month because the season isn't long enough to rebound...

  4. @Anonymous Keyon Dooling is going to a Celtic, Marquis Daniels is back, He's talked to Carl Landry's agent, Reggie Evan's agent, Kwame Brown, Mike Dunleavy Jr...

  5. Celtics Fan For Life says:

    New Orleans is getting absolute shit for Chris Paul. Why wouldnt they take Rondo a Top 5 Point Guard?

  6. And 8'5" 12 year old center Kyrylo Fesenko .

  7. Anonymous says:

    ok danny whats next ?????!

  8. @Celtics Fan For Life:

    I think this could be a bluff by the Hornets, if they weren't getting everything they could from Ainge before... this is what would make him throw the kitchen sink.

  9. DH says:

    Let the conspiracy theories begin... The NBA owns the Hornets. The NBA wants to see 2 super teams battle it out -- the Heat and the Lakers. The Lakers still have Bynum as a bargaining chip for Howard.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Ainge, congratulations... ¬¬

  11. Xantox300 says:

    Thats it people, its over. CP3 tot he lakers and then Andrew Bynum for DH12. thats game. CP3, DH12, KB24. Danny should have pushed this trade way harder. They could have gotten much more value out of Rondo and Green and maybe 3 1st round picks than what they got from the Lakers

  12. Celtics Fan For Life says:

    Tomorrow will be a very interesting day to say the least...this is crazy!

  13. vik says:

    Now danny get moving you put so much time into this trade and now of all teams the lakers get him. We now need to get busy and fill the roster to make a run

  14. vik says:

    what a monumnetal cock up from Ainge

  15. C's fan from Canada says:

    Holy sh*t

    Thought NO will trade CP3, but never in a 3 teams deal implying Gasol, Odom, Martin and Scola
    It will be very interesting to see how those three teams will play this season

    Oh btw I'm so happy Danny didn't get him. I want Rondo to retired as a Celtics legend. Period.

  16. kunzang says:

    danny shat in his pants....and it stinks all the way here in the middle of pacifics!!!!!!

  17. Great trade for the Celtics...the Lakers gave up all their size...they are now in the exact same situation as us relying on only Andrew WK (Andrew Wounded Knee) to save them down low...hopefully we can beat them out for the best bigs avail

  18. El Mofo! says:

    *Red Team! Red Team!*

    Relax. Rinse. Repeat: Relax.

    This is all part of 'El Plan'.

    By staying in the WC, anything that CP3 can/not do do remains @ the end of the POTENTIAL playoff schedule.

    = away from the Heat and the Knicks.

    This is why Danny tried to include the Tobin Bridge in that 'offer'.

    The real shit starts @ midnight.

    Hold on your hats.

    *End transmission*

  19. Anonymous says:

    Cp3's knees...Bynum's knees... Good luck! Not to mention they lost two 'bigs'.

  20. ms.ball says:

    I Love this trade, Rondo stays with the C's. Lakers give up Gasol and Odom. No more size......

  21. JR says:

    So can Celtics fans finally get off CP3's jock now and respect the great point guard we have now who actually wants to play in Boston?!

    And I believe this makes the Lakers weaker (unless they steal Howard for Bynum).

  22. Jay says:

    Alot of players goin quick..I knew the Celtics werent getting Paul, Move on Danny and you better make things right with Rondo & SIGN DELONTE

  23. ThomasJ says:

    The next move will be Bynum - Howard.

  24. Anonymous says:

    ryt, bynum for howard, hope that this will not happen..

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