The Celtics remained winless on the season, dropping to 0-3 with a loss to the Hornets. Playing their third game in 4 days, the Celtics showed their age with a lackluster performance. There were only a couple bright spots for Boston. Greg Stiemsma did his best Bill Russell impression with 6 blocks in 20  minutes. Pavlovic showed signs of life(though he's still terrible) with 7 points. Jermaine O'Neal was good on the offensive boards but missed a ton of bunnies around the basket.

For New Orleans, Jarrett Jack had a great game with 21 points and 9 assists .  Carl Landry was outstanding as well, collecting a double double and finishing with 20 points and 11 rebounds. These are two guys I'd love to have on my team. Just solid NBA players.

It is still early but the Celtics need to come out with energy and dominate the Pistons Friday. Tonight was by far the worst they played which shouldn't come as a surprise given their history playing road back to backs.   Hopefully the Captain will be back in action for the home opener Friday. The Celtics cannot afford to dig too deep a hole in the much improved Eastern Conference. Next game Friday at 7:30 vs. Detroit.

Karl Dillinger 12/28/2011 10:39:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    It's "Stiemsma" and "Jarrett."

  2. Ubun2nicorn says:

    *Reaches for panic button. Decides to wait and see what home cooking and Cap'n Paul have to say about it*


  3. Kevin says:

    that was some of the most stagnant, lazy offense i've ever seen. very disappointed in the celtic's performance tonight. need a solid victory on friday.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This season was over when Chris Paul wasn't obtained. He would've been the spark the Celtics needed to do damage. Can't come back with the same starters and a weaker bench and think things will be fine.

  5. JR says:

    Get over the Chris Paul stuff. Point guard is not the problem. Right now we don't have enough healthy good players. Chris Paul wouldn't change that.

  6. shelbyl says:

    I have debated this before, and I will repeat it again. The bench is not weaker.

    How would we fare against an improved Heat and Knicks without Paul Pierce last year? Think about it.

    At which position do you think we got worse? Loss of Green is obviously a blow, yet there's nothing we could do about it. Dooling has been decent so far, Bass is a beast, Wilcox is better than a nonexistent Shaq, Stiemsma > Semih, Moore is better than the 3rd combo guard we did not have...

    Have faith. We'll be pessimistic later on if need be, but we only had Pavlovic and Daniels at 3 so far. Please.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Rondo has played great-amazing so far, including this game when he was clearly gased, played less minutes with foul trouble, so this chris paul continuation is quite absurd, rondo has not been the problem so far.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Everyone NEEDS to relax. Not just here, everywhere- nba.com, espn, I don't even know anymore. It been 3 games. 2 of which we could have easily one WITHOUT OUR BEST PLAYER!

  9. Anonymous says:

    In my opinion, there's no reason to panic. I rather we have a bad start and finish strong (which we didn't really do last season).
    About the Chris Paul stuff, we're actually better off with Rondo so that's not the issue. When Paul Pierce gets back I believe all things are gonna fall into place.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Delonte is better than Dooling, Davis has played better on a better team than Bass ever has. Bass puts up big numbers on lousy teams. And yes I said it, the Celtics are lousy now. They're going to start the year 4-8, guaranteed.

  11. Bhlousek says:

    What's with all the haters? if your not a hardcore Celtics Fan you shouldn't post here. I think that every year is our year, regardless of whether we are "lousy" or "great" that season. We are celtics our hearts bleed green with the intensity of a thousand hungry lions, staring at a herd of deer. However in the end we should never underestimate our celtics, for they all have te heart of champions. That is why I believe in these Celtics to win it all, for we are celtics, we are eightteen.

    P.S. to anon above me.
    Since when was Orlando or dallas ever a lousy team within the last five years? (roughly bass's career) personally I recall one team getting to the finals twice and winning a ring and the other get to the finals.

  12. Anonymous says:

    ^ get outta here. there's still time. maybe this is just what they needed to step up their game..

  13. Anonymous says:

    I meant the anon before Bhlousek. -___-

  14. Anonymous says:

    Sorry about double posting but I wanted to say yeah Delonte is better than dooling, however delonte is was and always will be a headcase. That is likely why Danny didn't resign him.

    Note: I don't hate Delonte, I like him alot, he is funny, and a good player, however I am being candid and truthful hen I say that he is a head case, and for once I am glad we have a reliable, noninjured backup pg for Rondo so he doesnt have to play 49 minutes a night.


    JO involved early, then RAY ALLEN FOR THREE,
    Can JO handle the pressure? We'll soon see.
    Stiemsma with a block, then score, then a block, 
    These are words that warm the heart of Doc.

    Okafor averaging double double all career,
    Thought it should be noted so I mention it here.
    Hornets created a "buzz," with an 11-2 run,
    Cs down 6 at the end of Q1.

    Q2  huge Hornets run, Cs feeling queasy, 
    Homecoming for Bass, he's from the Big Easy.
    RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, then Rondo a driving two,
    Offensive foul on Ray?? What are the refs trying to do?

    11 free throws for the Hornets, for the Cs there are none,
    Four minutes left in the half, Rondo finally gets one.
    Stiemsma comes to life, with blocks so fine, 
    At the end of Q2, Cs are down 9.

    The young official in the house is ruining the Cs night,
    The way he is calling fouls just isn't right.
    RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, Belinelli from farther away,
    Cs put their heads down and started to play.

    Cs kept getting the lead down to nine or eight,
    Seems it was--for the third time--too little too late!
    Doc's furious with the officiating, easy to see, 
    Cs still down 9 at the end of Q3.

    Bass strong to the hoop to start Q4,
    For the Cs, the appearance of Johnson and Moore.
    The Hornets swarmed, they weren't fooling, 
    Only bright moment, clock running down, three by Dooling!

    Of the three games so far, this is the worst we've seen,
    Three games in four nights too tough on The Green?
    The Cs will pull it together, stick around for the ride, 
    0 and 3?  Never underestimate Celtic pride.

    Coach Monty Williams is one of Doc's closest friends,
    None of that matters til the basketball game ends.

  16. The postman says:

    Omg dooling is way better than delonte...although delonte is a better personality. And can these celtics poems after each game stop

  17. shelbyl says:

    Yeah Anon, Bass produces big numbers against lousy teams such as Knicks and Heat, teams Baby didn't even feel like playing against last year in the, err, fricking PLAYOFFS!

    Stop talking out of your buttocks, puh-lease.

  18. BOCKNOWZ says:

    The C`s need to sign E.House,N.Robinson,G.Green,M.Cousin, & M.Ely tomorrow 5 players who were waived. Ainge need to trade J.O`Neal,A.Bradley,E.Moore,M.Daniels,J.Johnson,S.Pavlovic,C.Wilcox, & 1st round pick 2012 draft to Houston for H.Thabeet,C.Budinger, & T.Williams.

  19. BOCKNOWZ says:

    Our new bench N.Robinson,E.House,C.Budinger,T.Williams,G.Green,M.Pietrus,B.Bass,M.Cousin,G.Stiemsma, & M.Ely. The new starting lineup Rondo,Allen,Pierce,KG, & H.Thabeet we will be unstoppable in the East and will defeat Miami in the Playoffs.

  20. JR says:

    oh man I LOVE the poem. From this moment forth all recaps on Celtics Life should be done in prose!

  21. Bohemian says:

    I thought the game in Miami was bad...we SUCKED last night. Sorry to be negative, but so far the team´s effort has been pathetic.

    Our D and rebounding don´t exist. If it weren´t for Rondo and Allen I don´t know what could go worse.

    Let´s start Dooling, Bass and Stiemsma until the vets show us something. I´m sorry but so far Pavlovic, KG and O´Neal haven´t done anything at all. Let them try to get some legs and breath and until then start with these:

    PG Rondo
    SG Dooling
    SF Allen (I know, but no option)
    PF Bass
    C Stiemsma

  22. Lee says:

    These last 3 games show how important Paul Pierce is to the team he is the captain and our go to guy on offence , once paul is fit and ready to play things will only become brighter , and no one is as dissapointed as me, I live in the UK so the games are 5 hours behind meaning I have to stay up late at night to watch celtics get beat! :( but its on 3 games , I'm still chanting, LET'S GO CELTICS ( at 3am ) ;)

  23. tb727 says:

    Delonte is light years better than Dooling. Dooling definitely wouldn't ever start on a team that won 66 games. The problem is his health and since they signed Marquis, they probably thought only having one injury-prone-reserve was enough. I'd have preferred they signed West to Daniels.

    Davis and Bass is a close matchup. Davis has played in bigger games in his career but Bass is the superior offensive player and the superior athlete.

  24. The postman says:

    JR u would like the poem u fruit cake....n this guy above is on somethin, watch doolings defense

  25. tb727 says:

    That's a great comment postman. And I've seen enough of Dooling and Delonte during the course of their careers to know the better player. Would any team win 66 games with Dooling as a starter? Nope, no chance. Did a team do that with Delonte? Yep. Plus Delonte can play two positions. He's one of the top 3rd guards in the league. You can't mask Dooling defending 2 guards. That will be like when Eddie House and Marbury were in the backcourt, disastrous defensively.

  26. I hope Postman watches my next Karl on the Kayak. I can't wait to hear what he says about me!

  27. Bohemian says:

    Guys, Dooling is playing well so far...he is not the problem. We lack interior D, too many turnovers and we are not getting rebounds and stops. Delonte would have helped little with all of that.

    Dooling is not flashy,but he is playing very well for us so far

  28. Anonymous says:

    Thanks postman, for contributing nothing to this conversation.

  29. PostMan says:

    Your welcome I cant wit till you all get proved wrong and then start praising the guy like you loved the pickup all along

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