According to Chris Broussard, the Celtics tried to get Kendrick Perkins back after the playoffs last season along with Russell Westbrook in exchange for Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green, but Oklahoma City wasn't having it.

From ESPN:

After last season's playoffs, the Celtics offered Rondo and Jeff Green to Oklahoma City for Russell Westbrook and Kendrick Perkins, sources have told Broussard. The Celtics, looking for another scorer who can create his own offense, thought Westbrook might be available after his erractic postseason play. But Oklahoma was not interested in the deal.
This indicates to me that Danny Ainge isn't afraid to trade Rondo. I have a sinking feeling that we might have seen the last of Rondo in Celtics green. It's a shame, I honestly feel that Rondo is the glue that keeps the Celtics together, and his gutsy performances like that of playing with a dislocated elbow and also his crazy defense on LeBron James during one of their regular season games with the Heat have helped will the Celtics to win.

Now it appears as if Danny is shopping Rondo to try and land CP3. Yes, getting Chris Paul would be great, as Paul is a great scorer. But remember that chemistry has also been an issue in the past with the Celtics and I am afraid of everything blowing up if we lose Rondo.

Danielle Hobeika 11/30/2011 12:28:00 AM Edit
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  1. Sarah says:

    I agree, I really hope that the trade doesn't work b/c I agree rondo is the glue for the team and I shudder to think what the team might be like without him. Crossing my fingers it doesn't happen

  2. Anonymous says:

    after a day of these stories i'll honestly be disappionted if rondo is a celtic this season. the way superstars are getting together rondo just can't be the best player on your team. im hoping for a 3 way trade with rondo going to L.A.C. even though im rational enough to realize cp3 makes the celtics better and is a better pg than rondo, rondo will still be a favorite player of mine and him and blake griffin would be great together. if i were the clippers having rondo would be better to help share the sugar with all that young talent. as opposed to paul holding the ball. plus wouldnt cp3 rather have doc than his former team mate del negro

  3. Bohemian says:

    Jeez...this proves Ainge is just a crazy madman. He was going to trade Green back for Perk just 3 months after he ruined the team´s chemistry.

    I understand trading for Paul (it also makes us a fave to net Howard) but not for Westbrook

  4. wordaapppp says:


  5. Chris Paul can build new chemistry with Dwight Howard. Go big or go home. Rondo could be a great career Celtic but by himself the C's can't win everything.

    If Paul = Howard then this is a DYNASTY type move.

  6. Getting Perk back would have made me happy.... Don't blame OKC for not giving him up though. Guess this proves Danny knows he made a big mistake.

  7. Jacob says:

    I don't think trading Perkins was a mistake, it was always a financial decision. Moving Rondo ( largest contract on team) speaks more about ownerships interest with tax rates increasing in two years.

    I would welcome Chris Paul, that chemistry debate only applies with uncertain players, like Green. Superstars all know each other and mesh fine, ie; 07 celts, 09 lakers, 10 heat, 10' knicks

  8. Anonymous says:

    CP3 in Green ->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rondo in Green.
    Celtics become top 3 team instantly.

  9. JR says:

    So Ainge has the best team in the league and trades Perk and we fall apart. Then he wanted to trade for Perk back and get rid of Rondo. When Westbrook's ballhogging ways didn't mesh with the Big 3 would Ainge try and trade him back for Rondo? Maybe he should try and trade for Antoine again? OKC fleeced Danny on the Perk trade and they're not giving him back. If they would do this deal, I hope the Celtics then swing Westbrook for CP3.

    I agree with Bohemian's comment that Danny is a madman.

  10. JR says:

    I like the idea on our facebook page to trade Ainge for Perk. lol.

  11. Anonymous says:

    JR,Best idea ever.

  12. IA says:

    If I'm right, all the Rondo talk has come from the same guy. Jackie Macmullan says she doesn't believe it. Used the example "if I got Deron Williams for Rondo I'd take that deal but that doesn't mean we are shopping him". Perhaps (hopefully) that's what's happening!

  13. IA says:

    Plus Jeff Green was a free agent at the end of the playoffs. How could he have been traded AS A FREE AGENT...?

  14. I definitely like that idea JR.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Get two 1sr rd picks from a crappy team for Pierce. He has peaked

  16. Jay says:

    Lol i dont believe this at all.

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