"Dominating" might be a slight stretch, but Brian Scalabrine is averaging 14 points per game and shooting a remarkable 77.2% from the floor and 66.7% from beyond the arc (Take that Ray Allen!).

Check out Jessica Camerato's column over on csnne.com to catch up on other Celtics, past and present, playing overseas. She has the scoop on E'Twaun Moore, Avery Bradley, Nenad Krstic, Von Wafer, Gerald Green, and Oliver Lafayette.

JR 10/26/2011 02:23:00 AM Edit
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  1. Bohemian says:

    Great post. I watched Lafayette's game with Asseco Prokom Gdynia against Galatasaray (which had Zaza Pachulia). He played quite well and became the spark for the team from the bench when his team needed it the most (down 15 points or so). They almost came back to win. Unfortunately he fouled out from the game.

  2. alscorcho says:

    14 points per game is actually pretty good in european leagues...
    the much hyped up Rubio, playing point in the best team in europe averaged about 5 points and 4 assists per game last year

    and in the italian league, the top 10 scorers this season only range from 17 up to 21 points per game (Von Wager is 5th with 19 points)

    http://www.eurobasket.com/ is an ok site for europe wide top tens, but you need to pay if you want quality stats i think
    Note: the top ten just has their surname, the second title is their team name, took me a while to work out their wasn't three guys called 'pepsi' haha

  3. alscorcho says:

    i read Jessica Camerato's column after posting the above and discovered more or less everything i said post Rubio bashing was already stated in the article...maybe she copied me...but just wrote it down first :P

  4. Bohemian says:

    It all depends on the team and the role/status of the player in it. You have to remember that there are 40 minutes of game,not 40. A starter may average 25 minutes per game so the stats are not as in the NBA. Also the assists are only counted when the guy that receives the ball is in a clear situation to score...that means that a guy who averages 4 assists here would like average at least 2-3 more in the NBA.

    Finally the dynamics and rhythm are completely different. The game is more strategical, and dramatically more team oriented. Coaches are quite strict and if a guy shoots two in a row with still 15-20 seconds on the clock he will be benched no matter his CV.

    It's the same game but played in a different style and with different mentality.

  5. Bohemian says:

    Concerning Rubio, he didn't play a major role in Barcelona last year. You also have to remember that Barcelona is way better team than Scal's team right now. It's not the same to play with CSKA, Maccabi, Barcelona, etc than other teams (it's the same in the NBA).

    Finally, Rubio is not a scorer and experienced some insecurity and crisis with his shooting. He is mostly a pass first player

  6. Bohemian says:

    * sorry, I meant 40 minutes in Europeand 48 in the NBA (morning lapsus):D

  7. alscorcho says:

    yeah I'm in Australia Bohemian, so I understand the differences between Euro and NBA (much more Australians in Europe compared to the 2-3 in the NBA, only 1 or 2 members of our national squad play in Australia)

    I probably should have been clearer in my detailing, I was trying to say that 14 a game is a really good number and comparing it to a player like Rubio who has what look like low numbers, but all the hype says they are good (and I know about his shooting, he's totally lost confidence!). And he did play 20 minutes a game, not as many as starting point as previous years, and certainly not their key scorer, but I would still argue he was a key player (and in a team which is consistently in the top 5 or so teams in Europe)

  8. Anonymous says:

    MF Scalabrini Bird; wht a player

  9. DH says:

    Scal looks good back in green! Red was not as flattering

  10. Proof that Brian Scalabrine isn't just some chubby red headed idiot that has no clue about basketball.

  11. Karl says:

    Of course he is because he's a certified beast and the best ginger basketball player with the last name Scalabrine ever. I have such a huge man crush on this guy I can't put it in words. I love you Scal.

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