Video footage is from 1995. We've posted some nice mixes in the Video Vault which include highlights from Kevin Garnett's high school years, but this is the only extended video I've ever seen dedicated to KG at Farragut. Interesting to see him playing exclusively in the post. Kind of liked it. I don't want to ruin the outcome of the game, but a serious bonehead decision is made with 17 seconds left in the game. Think Celtics/Lakers and the Celtics get a rebound with 20 seconds left. We're down 1 and Glen Davis shoots a quick 3. Anyway, this is a fun watch at a time when there's no basketball.

Credit KWAPT from Red's Army for the find.

JR 9/05/2011 08:44:00 PM Edit
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  1. KWAPT says:

    Hope you all enjoy the video-love the new site layout by the way, looks fantastic!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love this video! KG for President! Lol

  3. kunzang says:

    even back in the day crowd was booing at KG!!!
    hahahha makes me love him even more!!!

  4. QD says:

    Lol, talk about OCD, KG's been sitting in that same spot during player announcements since HS.

  5. Ronnie Fields > Glen Davis.

  6. Jenda says:
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  7. Jenda says:

    At first I felt sad our games weren't televised or commentated (usually we were lucky to have anyone in the stands) when I was playing but when Ronnie Fields dunked that rebound of his own FT in the video, I understood why. European basketball sucks. Bring back NBA or give us high school and NCAA games.

  8. YGR says:

    You know what I realized as I watched this? Paul Pierce wears number 34 currently, Ray Allen wore number 34 before he came to Boston, and KG wore number 34 in high school. And now they are all playing with each other on the same team. Maybe they were destined to play with each other. lol.

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