The game will take place next Saturday. Looks like Jeff Green will be teamed up with former running mate Kevin Durant and will be going against possible future teammate JaJuan Johnson. It will be nice to see how Triple J does in what is sort of his NBA debut.

One thing I'd like to see is the young Celtics playing together in some of these games. How about a team featuring Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, Glen Davis, and JaJuan Johnson? By now Rondo should have a comfortable chemistry with Davis, but I think Bradley, Johnson and Green would all benefit from seeing court time together.

Credit Celtics Town for the original find.

JR 9/17/2011 04:34:00 PM Edit
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  2. Deleted it because I had a sober moment and figured it out...

  3. Franchise 45 says:

    i guess even during the Lockout, every situation has it's a silver lining since most of the new younger stars of the Celtics wouldn't see playing time beyond the preseason, this is a good way for them to get acquainted with the speed and flow of the NBA style while already playing with stars/starters of other teams instead of bench vs bench, at the end of the day, this is nothing but good news for the Celtics and Banner 18 will come

  4. These summer leagues could be huge. Maybe players can ditch the NBA, come together and organize their own league (maybe player owned) - get TV deals, arena deals - with no NBA the market would be wide open. I'd miss the Celtics, but I'd rather see the best players in the world compete in one league- THAT's where amazing happens.

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