Got to love Delonte. Just heard about this today while watching NESN. Didn't even know Delonte had a twitter. Follow him here. And follow @CelticsLife here.

JR 8/14/2011 07:13:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    His rapping is horrible and worthless. I like him though. I always thought at some point he would have something to do with rap, but I thought it would be more meaningful because of how deep the dude is sometimes. Kinda disappointed but not really though :). Google k-rino and listen.

  2. Bullshit says:

    Finally! These clowns today get to find out real work! Back in the day Cousy and Heinsohn sold insurance during the offseason. Some guys drove cabs. Some were handymen. Today these clowns get to "chill-ax" all summer long! Bullshit I say!

  3. glitterchick says:

    Now how the hell is he gonna support Lebron's mom on a Home Depot salary? Her bail money is more than he'll make in a year there!

  4. Three Toe says:

    I just love that his plan B is The Home Depot.

  5. JR says:

    Lol glitterchick

  6. cfam word says:

    lol Delonte is boss

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