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The agent for combo guard Delonte West said he believes his client's No. 1 goal is to be back with the Boston Celtics next season, but admitted the lockout adds a bit of uncertainty about West's future.

"Delonte was drafted by Boston and he has a special place for Boston because of that," said his agent Jarinn Akana of Lagardere Unlimited. "He spent some good years there, then came back last year and was able to play, but had injuries here and there. He did contribute, but he wanted to contribute more and help Boston advance further. Of course he'd like to be back, I think that's his No. 1 goal to be back and help Boston win another championship."
Delonte is a very talented player and I'd love to see him back with the C's. When healthy he makes a perfect 3rd guard. While Delonte isn't the type of guy to give you 82 games, last year's 24 games played was an aberration. West has played in at least 60 games every season prior to that, with the sole exception of his rookie season. If you click the above link and read the entire article, it sounds like West will explore overseas offers and more lucrative offers from other NBA teams, but he'd definitely be willing to give Boston a hometown discount.

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  1. QD says:

    Delonte is a very talented player and I'd love to see him back with the C's.<----- This!

  2. JR says:

    Why did I waste my time writing the rest then QD? lol

  3. QD says:

    Haha! Everything thing else is great, but I feel strongly about that.

  4. Anonymous says:

    during the playoffs I witnessed Rondo display a more productive offense with one arm than did Delonte with both. I know he hurt his back that game, but I'm talking about the entire playoffs. He's just not a good fit for the team. He slows it down way too much, he's short so it's difficult for him to make overhead passes, and most importantly he's not a contributor. Does he have heart? yes. Is he a great player? he is good, i'll give him that but not for the Celtics. We need to start thinking long term in order to win a Championship. I say we drop him.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Delonte needs to be back

    If he can stay healthy C's have a chance


  6. Anonymous says:

    you say hes short and cant make over head passes last time i checked hes taller than rondo. he obviously has range with the three ball so hes already a threat more so offensively than rondo and his one on one d is better than rondo because he plays the man straight up he doesnt let the man go by and try to get steal from behind which im sorry rondo that may work on weak players but strong dribblers blow right by then its a 5 on 4. and in the end of the game sometimes rondo has to be sat cause he cant make free throws especially when the game is on the line.. but delonte can and he takes a shot with out a doubt in his mind .. a ton of confidence . i think delonte had an off year from the injuries but he can come back and help this team with out a doubt he stays plus he will be cheap money

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