A few days ago, we learned that Ron Artest (or soon to be Metta World Peace) is the latest celebrity to be involved in a sexting scandal with an unidentified person (of course, Deadspin somehow managed to get that person to send them the complete conversations, as well as a pic of Ron's hairy dong). An unnamed source has supplied CelticsLife.com with screenshots from a chat session on the unidentified party's screen. Not surprisingly, it's someone else with a sexting addiction who apparently needed a fix.

Danielle Hobeika 7/28/2011 03:00:00 PM Edit
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  1. I know now why Artest changed his name to World Peace.... Every beauty pageant, what do all the contestants say they want most? World Peace, of course. What an opening LOL

  2. coco says:

    LOL I love that 69 comment!

  3. DH says:

    The conversation is actually copied from the exact words that were exchanged between Ron and his sexting victim. I think it's funny that the victim tried to blow Ron off by saying ridiculous stuff.

  4. wordaaaaaaaaaaaaapp says:

    Extremely celticslife aftadarkish. Nicelol

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jared Allen has a sexting addiction? He kind of looks like Favre in that pic if thats what was being implied.

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