Celtics shooting guard Ray Allen has been nominated for a 2011 ESPY Award in the "Best Record-Breaking Performance" category and it's up to us Celtics fans to stuff the ballot box for Ray-Ray.

Ray broke the record for the most career three-pointers in NBA history by passing Reggie Miller when he made his 2,561st three-point shot in February against the Lakers.

Three of the four nominees in this category belong to basketball players/teams. Aside from Ray, Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls is nominated for being the youngest player to even win an MVP title, and the U Conn women's basketball team has been nominated for their longest ever win-streak, passing the UCLA men's basketball team when they earned their 89th win this year. The 4th nominee is golfer Rory McIlroy who set multiple records at the US Open.

To vote for Ray Allen, visit http://espn.go.com/espys/#!/voting/ and click on the 5th category, "Best Record-Breaking Performance." Should you chose to vote in all categories, you may, but you can also just vote in Ray's category and your vote will count if you don't feel like going through all the others.

Ray Allen is no stranger to the ESPYs, as he was one of the Celtics that accepted the 2008 ESPY award for best sports team during Boston's championship season. Voting ends July 9th at 11:59 PM/ET, and the ESPYs will be broadcast live on ESPN on Wednesday, July 13th. Thanks to RayRay>Westbrick in the shoutbox for sharing the voting link.

Danielle Hobeika 6/26/2011 03:01:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    LeBron sucks... GO RAY ALLEN

  2. WORDAAPP! says:

    Everyone vote. No disrespect to the other nominees but they really arent contenders. They coulda been....they coulda been somebody....insteada bums...which is what they are. VOTE FOR RAY!!!!!!!!!!! ON ALL YOUR COMPUTERS

  3. Anonymous says:

    it will possibly be "another win in LA" :P

  4. theresa says:

    believe me i already did

  5. Derek Fisher says:

    ::scowling at second anonymous::

  6. YouGotRondo'd says:

    RayRay>Westbrick has changed to "YouGotRondo'd" in the shoutbox. lol. i only used the rayray one cause some loser said westbrick is better than Ray. and you're very welcome DH. ;)
    ps: yes, i change my name A LOT. i know. :P

  7. YouGotRondo'd says:

    AND if anybody is also a Bruins fan, the Bruins were nominated for best sports team, and Tim Thomas was nominated for two categories i believe.

  8. @YouGotRondo'd, I voted for Thomas on every category he was in. lol

    And what idiot thinks Westbrook is better than Ray?! -__-
    Obviously they don't watch basketball. No disrespect to Westbrick, lol, but he is too young/too unexperienced to be compared to Mr. Jesus Shuttlesworth himself.

  9. YouGotRondo'd says:

    lol yeah PB, Westbrick is far from being as good as Ray. LOTS of disrespect to Westbrick. ;)

  10. Once you get to the website i cant find the categories what do u click on??

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