So as you've probably noticed the past several days we've launched a new segment here on Celtics Life called "Afternoon Delight." The goal is the post something humorous every day at 3 PM, so if you're stuck at work and need a pick me up you can come over to Celtics Life for a brief reprieve from the work day.

Rondo is totally the anchor to the Celtics offense and team. He does sort of look like a dictator of a 3rd World country in this picture, but oh well. DH will have a better Celtics Anchorman pic very shortly for you. 

After the jump, some videos from Anchorman.

Check out more Afternoon Delight here: http://www.celticslife.com/search/label/afternoondelight

JR 6/15/2011 03:00:00 PM Edit
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  1. DH says:

    No Sex Panther by Odeon video? Come on JR, that was the best part of the movie!

    And am I supposed to post the new Anchorman pic as a future Afternoon Delight? I thought you were using it on the sidebar to link to all posts from the segment?

  2. JR says:

    No DH you don't have to. I just wanted to let people know there would be a better one by you coming.

    Let me look for the Sex Panther video...

  3. Anonymous says:

    LMAO Rondo Burgundy!!


  4. theresa says:

    you stay classy Vancouver, i mean san diego!

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