Love the video clips. Personally though, while I like the beat, I think the MCing leaves a lot to be desired.

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JR 5/26/2011 09:09:00 PM Edit
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  1. I love the way whoever made this took my mix and left my tag on it...


    Here's my mix (the same EXACT mix) with Wu-Tang as the music.

  2. JR says:

    Wow that's crazy. At least they left your tag up. You want me to take this down?

  3. QD says:

    That fast break @1:38 w/ RR, PP and then the dunk was so so very nice. Aaaand that dunk on Toronto... Got.Damn.It.... when's the next Celtics game, I need one in my life. Lol!

  4. LOL QD

    We have a looong wait till the next C's game.

  5. @JR No it's fine lol, pretty funny that he didn't even mix up the order or maybe change the coloring a bit... it's literally just my mix with different music.

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