Ok, so it's not that no one talks about it but it's certainly less of a tangible piece to that trade.

We could see Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic on the court and what they brought to the team. However, the value of the unprotected Clippers pick the Celtics got from the Thunder for Perkins and Nate Robinson has yet to be determined. In addition to that, most people don't even know what "unprotected" means. It means that if it is in the top 10 for the next four drafts then LA will get to keep it. Things get a little complicated though and the Globe's Gary Washburn breaks it down:

The pick is top 10-protected for the next four drafts, meaning the Clippers keep it if it is in the top 10. If it is, and the Clippers use it, then the Celtics get a first-round pick the following season.

If only it were that simple.

Former Celtic Sam Cassell comes into play because of a 2005 trade that sent him and a 2012 first-round pick from Minnesota to the Clippers for Lionel Chalmers and Marko Jaric. Now, if the Clippers finish out of the top 10 and are forced to give their pick to the Celtics, the Celtics would receive the lower of the picks between Minnesota and Los Angeles.

The Clippers are expected to make a playoff run next season, so their pick is likely to be mid-first-round and could serve as a trade chip next month for the Celtics. Because of the potential lockout, draft night could be an opportunity for teams to move veterans for draft picks, because if there is not a new deal by July 1, teams will be prohibited from making transactions.

Expect the Celtics to dangle that pick in a trade for a veteran, or they could keep it and have two first-rounders next year.

The 2012 draft is expected to be star-studded, with players such as Harrison Barnes and Perry Jones, so that first round pick the Celtics own may be valuable. It was astute for the Celtics brass to ask for a 2012 pick rather than a 2011.

Please don't blast me for defending the Perkins trade because that's not what I'm doing. Just an interesting explanation of that pick the Celtics got and their options with it.

Michael Saver 5/22/2011 11:14:00 AM Edit
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  1. I would never blast you for defending the Perkins trade, I'll applaud you for it.

  2. Jenda says:

    Thanks for this, the protected and unprotected picks make my head hurt. The system is quite complicated and this helped me understand it. At least a bit better.

  3. This chart REALLY helps with some of the traded picks.


  4. Anonymous says:


  5. JR says:

    Jesse isn't the guy that will blast you. I am! lol. Basically this pick will end up being a mid to late teens pick. Danny will use it on another Gerald Green or Avery Bradley. Definitely not worth sacrificing this year's championship.

  6. Or they'll trade it for an older version of Gerald Green or Avery Bradley!

  7. I adore the trade. Since when did Perk become a low post scorer? This is what this teams needs the most. They are fine on the defensive end of the floor. Heck OKC finally woke up and has Perk coming off the bench. Collison gives OKC more than Perk. Perk's agent should be be giving Celtic nation a commission for all the love they bestowed upon forcing OKC into this over-inflated $9M per year contract for 4 years. Sorry Perk is a $5 million per year player max!

  8. Anonymous says:

    or they'll draft the next Al Jefferson, Tony Allen, Delonte West, Kendrik Perkins, Glen Davis, Ryan Gomes...

  9. bopna says:

    Sacrificing a championship?....The moment Rondo went down and the fact that we didn't have Shaq, that alone tells you there wasn't gonna be a championship run this season, compounded by the JO wrist situation. Perk is a decent player to have, but Im sorry his presence ain't changing our championship hope this season, and yes, If Perk were here, it would mean no decent backup for PP and Pavlovic ain't cutting it either, so Yeah, this time next year, we would all witness the value of that Pick we got from OKC so it was very much a good trade for me!

  10. JR says:

    To the last anonymous: You forgot Marcus Banks and JR Giddens. Or maybe they'll trade to pick for Telfair?

    Bopna, I'm sure when Danny made the trade he knew Wade would disable Rondo in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. Nope I'm going with Doc who says if we had kept Perk we would have been the #1 seed. Might not have had to even play the Heat then. Also we could have traded Bradley, Semih or a pick for a backup for Pierce. Shane Battier could have been had. The idea that Jeff Green is the only man on this earth that can give Paul a blow is ridiculous. Sorry it is. Better yet. Just keep TA.

  11. werkshop says:

    Whatever happens, the pick will be a weak pick. But even if it were a lottery pick, that still wouldn't remotely justify trading away our starting center on the verge of the playoffs. WHY DO PEOPLE CONTINUE TO JUSTIFY THE TRADE THAT COST US A CHAMPIONSHIP? Don't you have any pride at all, as fans?

  12. Anonymous says:

    The day Ainge made the trade is the day our 18th banner was pissed away. Shaquille was a good backup for Perk who then became a starter when Perk went to OKC. Our offense scored more off of defensive transition as a part of our game plan. Those who think adding offensive scorers is better don't know basketball and celebrate sportsmanship over banners. Fire Ainge!

  13. JR says:

    Not sure why people keep justifying the trade werkshop. At first their excuse was "we have Shaq coming back. He's better than Perk blah blah blah. We don't need Perk." And "Jeff Green is the best player in the deal." Then when Shaq didn't come back and Green wilted under the pressure of playing in the playoffs, they still want to say it was a good trade.

    I think it's just people not wanting to admit they were wrong. No one can force you to admit it, but the continued charade of excuses for Danny still is tiresome.

    Even Doc Rivers who has 35 million reasons to lie and just have Danny's back and say he would still do the trade has publicly stated he wouldn't have made the trade at the time and the trade was the reason we didn't get the #1 seed.

    What else do people want? Rivers can't say "If we had Perk we would have won the damn title!" He's not going to throw his boss under the bus. We know how Doc felt about that starting 5.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Reasons the Celtics lost:

    1. Two of the top 5 players in the league playing on the same team played up to their capabilities.

    2. Rondo injury

    3. Celtics Big 3 a year older.

    4. Big Baby stunk up the joint.

    5. Perkins trade.

    ....but we DEFINITELY could have kept unrestricted free agent Tony Allen, and we DEFINITELY could have gotten Shane Battier, and if we had Perk we DEFINITELY would have won, right?

    People are also having skewered Perk memories. There was the 2009-10 first half season 12 point 9 boards Perk, the second half couldn't score to save his life Perk, and the present post-injury Perk. I agree that the Perkins trade for THIS season was a risk, it didn't work out, but the Celtics would have lost anyway (I don't buy the "would have had the best record wouldn't have had to face Miami with Perk"; what about the previous year). The same people B+Moaning now would have been whining after Perk walked at the end of the season. Danny Ainge has done way more good than bad..........fire him?..and replace him with who?

  15. Anonymous says:

    People are living in fantasy land about this trade. Yes it had an impact on how the team played but does that make of for the single digit scoring performances of KG against the Heat? Does Perk not allow the double digit run that the Heat went on to close out game 2? Does he make KG and Ray run the play at the end of game 4?

    Yes Perk is a good player but losing him didnt cost the team the title. While their chances of winning this year would have been better w/ Perk they would have had serious trouble trying to score on the Heat with him there. Lets also be honest Green didnt give them what they thought he would.

    In reality, this team is in much better position to rebuild with Perk gone. Their contract situation is in much better shape to attract a much better player and still have a good player like Green. This team will have about 33 mil on contract with Green's cap hold going into next summer. With that type of space you could get Howard and a player for around 8 mil if the CBA stays the same plus have Jeff Green. Hell if Pierce leaves you could get 2 max players Green and Rondo under the current rules. I would take a team of Rondo, Howard, Green, 2nd max player and any role player over any team out there including Miami.

  16. JR says:

    If someone will guarantee me that by trading Perk we are now going to 100% get Dwight Howard, then I will retract my comments against Danny. I have seen NOTHING to suggest Howard has any interest in coming to Boston. Also for the record Jeff Green asked for more from the Thunder than they ended up giving Perk. People act like green doesn't want to get paid. Alos Perk was willing to take less to stay in Boston. He never asked for 36 million or whatever he ended up with. What he was offered was a joke. 5 million a year. Bums like Haywood get twice that amount. Perk has said he'd sign with Boston for 30 million. Pretty sure if push came to shove he would have accepted less, b/c he's like the most loyal guy out there. It's all besides the point. When you have a good shot at the title and it may be your last, you go for it. You don't worry about "Oh no if we don't trade Perk now in the Summer we might not have the honor of overpaying Jeff "Butterfingers" Green.) There's a reason the Thunder were like, "Obviously you can't have Durant or Westbrook. Nope not even Ibaka. Nope not even Harden. We'll only give you Jeff green who wants a big payday and Krstic'

  17. Bohemian says:

    While I really like Green's potential and Krstic offensive skills...I'd rather have Kendrick. He just fitted here and was part of our identity.

    What people fail to see is that Perk was part of the core. Danny broke the core in the middle of the season and that was a big mistake.

    Now, it is time people moved on too. Perk is not coming back so we better accept what we have, cheer and encourage Green and Krstic if we keep them and that's all. Remembering all the time about what could have been only makes the situation worse while we wait for draft news...i hope there's no lockout because this summer might be sooooooo long! :(

  18. Anonymous says:

    There is no guarantee that the Cs will get Howard but they at least are in the running based on how much money they have under the cap. There will be a number of players that could be had that year not to mention the following year Blake Griffin is a restricted.

    Yeah you would love to say strap the future and go for it this year. The trade tried to achieve both. Did it work short term. No however it didnt kill this team. Their play on the court fell off. Thats what happened. Would Perk have helped. Yes but its not like they traded a star player for a player that didnt make huge contributions.

    Btw, looking at only this year is how the franchise fell off the map after the Original Big 3 began to get old. This team is in a position to compete for a title for the next 5 - 8 years if they get the player to come here.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Final Final Final observations on the "We definitely would have won the championship with Perk" rantings:

    1. No one really knows what Perk was offered for a contract, no one really knows what he would have signed for, no one really knows who's "loyal" until the contracts are signed. We do know that management (meaning Danny Ainge and Wyck) said they would have had trouble signing Perk. Take that and run with it whatever way you like.

    2. As a general manager, I could have made this observation: "This is perhaps the last chance for this team to make a serious title run, for a while. My starting center is coming off a serious knee injury. One of my other bigs took more than a year to come back from injury. Perhaps I can get some players in a trade that will help this year. One team has offered their starting small forward, who is averaging 15 points a game, a backup big man, and a draft pick, as well." That sounds pretty good to me.

    3. You can argue the content of the trade, but I don't buy the "don't break up the core in midseason" argument. Lakers traded defense oriented Kwame Brown (and more) in Feb. 2008 to get Pau Gasol, got them to the Finals.

    4. If you're going to argue "Trading Perkins kept us from winning the title, it's Danny Ainge's fault", logic says you have to at least credit the person managing the team that was in the position to win the title at that point, namely: Danny Ainge.

    5. If you want people to say they were wrong about the trade, hey, whatever. Do I wish Jeff Green had played better? Yes. Do I wish Krstic hadn't got hurt, then disappeared, yes. Do I wish Shaq hadn't gotten hurt? Yes. Having said that, I look forward to seeing how Jeff Green does as a member of the 2011-2012 Boston Celtics, and how they do with that draft pick. In the meantime, I'm going to sit down and watch the Bruins tonight. Now, if they lose this playoff series, I'll be really upset, and I'm going to blame........ah...........DANNY AINGE!

  20. Anonymous says:

    @ JR-I also didn't include Rondo, Semi or Luke. I'm not defending the trade here. Danny and the staff have done an excellent job drafting and trading for talent.

  21. Bohemian says:

    anon, are you comparing Kwame with Perk and Green with Gasol??? wow, just wow!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Please read the post carefully,No, no, no, come on..........just the IDEA of making a trade midseason, of course not.......Gasol made Lakers much better, Green did virtually zilch for Celts..................

  23. JR says:

    Anonymous, Ainge does get credit for winning 1 title in his 8 or so years here. Dumars gets credit for his 1 title. Kupchack gets credit for his titles.. I think you make the error of believing that 1 title makes someone a genius. You say that Danny makes great trades, but if we broke down his trades and FA signing you'd see more misses than hits. Yes the Ray trade was good, but they gave up good value to get ray. Same with KG. The trade I liked the best was when he traded Jiri for a 1st rounder. But where are all these other great trades? Trading for Wally? Trading for Telfair? Trading for Ricky Davis? trading for 'Tione again? Trading for Reaf and his contract/ trading for Nate? Trading Semih and Luke for a 2nd rounder (You give Ainge credit for drafting them, so then you have to blast him for letting go of both players for nothing). Where are all the great trades?

    Or FA signings? Was Rasheed a success? The O'Neals? Scal? Mark Blount? Dan Dickou? Tom Gugliotta? Patrick O'Bryant?

    i give Danny credit for his FA signing during the 2007/2008 season. House, Posey, Brown, and cassell were all the right moves. Besides that he's sucked.

    There seems to be a need for some people to bash Perk in order to feel better about Danny. I find it rather sickening all the comments against Perk that I see. As long as people feel the need to bash Perk (I'm talking about other blogs as well) then the whole time to move on thing is silly. Danny lovers need to let go of the need to attack Perk to make their love for Perk feel right.

  24. Anonymous says:

    It seems like Perk bashing because all of a sudden people are going way overboard stating his abilities. I for one hated the deal when it first happened because Perk was my fav player, however when I really looked at it it makes perfect sense. Gives the team better flexability for the future. A decent player and a draft pick to keep them competative long term all for a player that they couldnt afford to keep.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Kendrick Perkins is one of the most overrated centers in the NBA, by no means does his injury riddled body deserved 30 mil. i love this trade and it gives the celtics a chance for years to come, danny ainge is running a buisness keep that in mind

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