Faried is a 6'8"-230 lb power forward with the potential to be the next Ben Wallace. Farried is a beast on the boards and has the attitude to be a shut down defender. Kenneth doesn't care about shots, he doesn't care about touches, all he cares about is getting rebounds and blocks... but if you give him the opportunity he'll produce some highlight reel dunks.

Kenneth is coming off of his senior season at Morehead State. In 35 games Faried averaged 17 points, 14.5 boards, 2.3 blocks, and 1.9 steals a game. Faried also broke Tim Duncan's record to become the NCAA's Modern Era All-Time Rebound leader with 1,607. He is a 2x Ohio Valley Conference Player of The Year, and the 2010 OVC Defensive Player of The Year.

In 2011 Morehead made the NCAA Tournament for the 2nd time in Kenneth's career, the 13th Seed Eagles would upset Rick Pitino's #4 Seed Louisville Cardinals on a last second three pointer. Faried and The Eagles would lose the next game to Richmond, but they still made their noise in the tournament. Faried finished his career at Morehead with 82 Double Doubles and career AVG's of 17 points and 14 rebounds a game on 63.7% shooting. Only 2 players in the past 15 years can say they posted averages like that... and both of those guys were drafted #1 overall (Tim Duncan, Blake Griffin).

Yesterday at the NBA's Draft Combine Faried had a chance to talk with the media. Here's some highlights.

On where he see's himself going in the draft:

"Personally I don't see myself anywhere right now. I see myself just being a great player and just going out and putting my all in, and hopefully falling somewhere in the 1st round. But if i don't then i'm gonna still play hard and try to make a team."

On what teams like and don't like about his game:
"Well a lot of teams say that my offensive skill can be a concern but i'm working at it and they accept me for that. They say i can play a great role in just being on a team bringing hustle in practice and on the floor you're gonna want to play me. Either way it doesn't really matter to me."

On his motto of "If you score you've got to rebound the ball.":
"Yea, that's exactly what i believe and a lot of teams need a rebounder. A lot of players aren't going to make every shot so i'm gonna just go get it and score. That's the way my numbers are gonna speak, that way."

On what his single game scoring high will be in NBA:
"I really don't know, i can't tell you that one. But i plan on my rebounding high to be a 30+ rebounding game."

On contending for defensive player of the year down the road:
"Yes that's a great goal of mine. I fully expect to make one year and become the defensive player of the year but if i don't then i'm going to keep pushing myself until i become that."

On Ben Wallace and his confidence to be a great player without being big scorer:
"Yes, i have great confidence in that. Ben Wallace stuck here in the league because he was able to block shots, rebound, and be a great defensive presence and he started for the Pistons and won a championship and made All-Star Games. I fully expect that i could be able to do that, but it's going to take time and progress, and i'm just going to keep getting better every day."

On having another level:
"My motor is high, i don't know how it really get's so high I think the competition and the people around me. A group of guys like this I see how hard their going and I want to push myself even harder to stand out more than them. So me going that extra mile doesn't really faze me."

Jesse Dampolo 5/22/2011 10:00:00 AM Edit
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  1. Reece Berberick says:

    You can never tell exactly how a big man will turn out in the nba ... just ask oden ... but this is the exact type of player that would fit great in the celtics system and can add that fear down low that the celts lost when perk was traded

  2. Anonymous says:

    Joey Dorsey 2.0

  3. Anonymous says:

    I feel like he'll get drafted before we get a shot at him

  4. JR says:

    I'm thinking that too Anonymous. Where is he projected to go Jesse? Maybe Danny will trade a future pick to move up.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Get a haircut Kenneth.

  6. Anonymous says:

    haircut? the kid has the coolest haircut i've seen in years! btw, he would fit more than great for the C's!

  7. JR says:

    He should grow his hair like Kenny "Sky" Walker. Then he could be listed at 6'11"

  8. It's funny, I had Faried in mind before I saw this post. He just looks like a Celtic to me.
    Most mock drafts have him going in the early 20's (and Aldridge doesn't have him in the 1st round at all), so we may have a shot when the time comes.

  9. Anonymous says:

    WTH! Farried! I think he will not fit in the Celtics because they are so many power forwards greater than him. And I saw him at the NBA Draft Combine and still their is missing something.

    Just my Own Opinion.

  10. Marcello says:

    I have seen him play, plus I saw him at the NCAA tourney... Everytime I saw him play I told myself he has to be a Celtic. He has heart and its a team player. Just like every Celtic is... I would ware his jersey!!

  11. @Anonymous: What Celtic PF other than KG is better than Faried?

  12. Anonymous says:

    He won't be available at 25. No way.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I can not wait until this draft comes if we pick this man up it will be huge.

  14. Players that can't score always drop, I could see him being there.

    He's not going in the top 10.

    GS has David Lee and they drafted Udoh last year.

    Utah has 500 undersized C/PF's

    Phoenix could use him big time but they aren't smart enough to know it.

    Houston has a bunch of young bigs already, and should be looking to rebuild/replace Yao on the fly. Faried doesn't fit that bill.

    Indiana has Hansbrough, McRoberts, Jones, and Hibbert. Don't know where they'll go but they have similar talent already on the team.

    Philly has Speights and Brand, if they draft a big they'd probably go with someone who isn't considered "undersized".

    New York could be a problem. If they're smart they'd take Faried. But i could just easily see them reaching for a International player. That being said they were rumored to like Faried.

    Washington- I see them looking for more depth at wing. With Young not guarunteed to come back, and Josh Howard possibly leaving... I'd assume... plus Blatche and McGee are part of their young "core".

    Charlotte- Tyrus Thomas could be considered a similar player, but Faried is a Paul Silas type of big man.

    Minny won't take him because they already have Mr. 30-30 himself and they wouldn't want to hurt his stats for the sake of winning.

    Portland could take him because of their well documented injuries/age.

    If Denver drafts a big it'd be to replace Nene, but they already have Mozgov on roster... plut the Birdman is a rebounder/shot blocker... i don't think they'll go with him.

    The Rockets could take him with their second pick after filling a need with the higher one. But once again they already have undersized bigs that are great rebounders.

    OKC has a bunch of defensive minded big man (including Bill Russell 2.0)


    IMO there are 5-7 teams that could really use Faried ahead of us, but they also could also fall in love with a scorer.

    Most mocks have him rated as the 23rd-28th best player on the board and going right around where BOS is picking.

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