The Captain and the Coach add their combined 4 cents after the jump.

JR 4/15/2011 05:03:00 PM Edit
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  1. The Coach says:

    Great quote from Doc on offensive play book choices.

    Engine starting to rev for Sunday.

    LETS GO!

  2. These stupid media heads seem to be only so obsessed with Shaq.
    Give it a rest already. Quit trying to create a false reality in order to sale stories.
    Shaq is not the big story here in this early round vs a center-less, no defense team.
    They're busy acting like little worried girls afraid to miss her prom date...when, in truth, the C's should not have to lean too heavily on Shaq at all in this round.
    But I guess that if they can't stick a mic in somebody's face and say "What about Shaq?" first off; then their bosses won't be happy, and they themselves won't seem quite as attractive, special or desirable in the eyes of their beloved beholder (the almighty dollar).
    Just give it a rest already.
    This series isn't about Shaq (that series may come later) but this particular one undoubtedly is more about all the other cast of characters and how their health is doing moreso than Shaq.
    So just leave it alone, our little media Cinderellas.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Omg my husi @Rondo looks so tired..i jus want the playoffs to be over let him rest and rejuvinate from all those injuries. p.s I kno we gonna go all the way to the finals despite what the critics say..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Y they interviewing rondo? they know he gunna give them the cold shoulder lol. He is hilarous to me! But i am startin to think that his home life not positive he never seems happy anymore. Hopefully ms. Allen will fix him some cornbread

  5. Anonymous says:

    He is probably not happy since Perk aint there no more...you are right Shannon needs to cook him some cornbread

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