There's 4 new guys that could potentially fill major rolls in the rotation, so I thought that now would be a nice time for a refresher on who the hell everybody is. I'm going to attack this in order of importance... starting with the least.

Sasha Pavlovic (27) is a 6'7" defensive minded wing with decent athleticism, and unbelievably inconsistant shooting. Pavlovic was born in Bar City, Montenegro. He played one season of H.S. basketball in Maryland's Baltimore Catholic League, then played 3 years in the Yugoslav Basketball League. Sasha was Drafted with the 19th pick in 2003 by The Utah Jazz and played one season under Jerry Sloan. The next summer Sasha would be selected in an Expansion Draft by the Charlotte Bobcats, only to be traded the next day to The Cleveland Cavaliers. Over the next 5 seasons Pavlovic would be a major part of Lebron James Era in Cleveland. To Boston Sasha brings Playoff Experience from his 42 career Playoff Games, and Lebron experience from guarding him in practice for 5 years. #77 could play some decent minutes if Pierce, Green and Ray get in foul trouble.

Next would be Troy Murphy (30). Troy is considered by many to be one of the most underrated players in The NBA. The former member of The Fight Irish has averaged a double double in 5 out of his 9 seasons in the league. This season he was traded to his hometown team in New Jersey, only to be literally home in order to make minutes for younger prospects. After sitting on his couch for most of the year, Troy was finally bought out and signed with Boston. The 6'11" Forward is a career .391 from Three Point Range. Once he gets into game shape Troy Murphy could be a HUGE pickup.

This is Nenad Krstic (27). Number 4 in your programs. KRS-4 was at one point The New Jersey Nets' starting Center. In 2006 he was playing with Jason Kidd and looking like a future All-Star. Then he hurt his knee. Nenad returned home to Kraljevo, Serbia to rebuild his confidence, he signed to play for in The Russian Superleague, but not for long. Krstic returned to The NBA midway through the 08-09 Season and played with the OKC Thunder for about 3 years. Now reunited in Boston with former head coach Lawrence Frank, currently The Celtics' assistant coach, Krstic is looking more like the player he was back in New Jersey. Nenad is a very consistent mid-range jump shooter with a legitimate 7-Foot frame, respectable rebounding numbers, and when it comes to passing he's no Divac but knows how to move the ball. I wouldn't be surprised if Krstic sticks around for a few years.

Last is Jeff Green (24). Jeff is in his 4th season, and has already eclipsed 4,000 points. Green has been playing under the shadow of the soon to be two-time NBA Scoring Champion, Kevin Durant. In Oklahoma City Jeff was used an outside shooting power forward who spaced the floor for Durant. In Boston Jeff Green will be more of a small forward, he'll handle the ball more often, and will be in an offense that's based on ball movement as opposed to isolation. Doc has admitted that he hasn't completely come up with how to use Jeff, but is confident that once he learns Green's game it will be a great match. The New Employee Number 8 will back up Paul Pierce, but will also see decent minutes alongside him. I expect Jeff Green to be in Boston for a long time, as he and Rondo will make quite the duo in the Post-Big-Three Era.

Interesting factoids (there will be a quiz)

*Krstic and Pavlovic were both born in 1983 just 4 months apart. Their hometowns are only 6 hours away from each other. (If you started a road trip at Nenad's house, then drove to pick up up Vlade Divac, Sasha Pavlovic, and Dino Radja, you could make the whole drive in less than 14 hours.)

*Jeff Green played at the same H.S. as the late Len Bias. He won a state championship with the Wildcats.

*When Pavlovic was 16 playing in the Baltimore Catholic League, he was playing a half hour away from 13 year old Jeff Green.

*Green was originally drafted by The Celtics, but traded to Seattle on Draft Day, with Delonte West, to acquire Ray Allen and Glen Davis.

Jesse Dampolo 3/04/2011 10:00:00 AM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    Wow great line Jesse:

    (If you started a road trip at Nenad's house, then drove to pick up up Vlade Divac, Sasha Pavlovic, and Dino Radja, you could make the whole drive in less than 14 hours.)

    But the real question is, where's Stojko Vrankovic on that trip lol?!

  2. Three Toe says:

    great run down here. Love the picture of Pietrus-dish about to death-from-above poor Troy Murphy, who, judging by his facial expression, knows what's coming.

  3. Three Toe says:

    I wonder if some has-been NBA player will find this "informative" ...

  4. Ron Anderson says:


    Who you calling has-been Detlef Shrempf, I mean Three Toe?!

  5. Detlef Shrempf says:

    I'm more of a has-been than you'll EVER be, biatch!

  6. Karl says:

    Nice post! I honestly think if we build chemistry our team is better than it was a week ago.

  7. i think this are the guys who would bring us a step closer to banner 18... i hope and i know this will be a turning point for the c's, no more 2 game losing streak this time... :)

  8. Honesty this guys cant fill the Perk's space but the season has to go on and we have two championship to think but..the eastern conference final and off course the playoffs...sigh i jus hope that this guys can adapt quickly to Celtics atmosphere to help make it happen....

  9. shelbyl says:

    Remember, after all those trades went down we criticized Ainge for letting Banner 18 go. Now it turns out it was all about Banner 18.

    Nate Robinson (knee surgery) - Out for 4-6 weeks
    Perk (knee injury) - Out for 2-3 weeks
    Semih Erden (groin and shoulder injury) - Not 100% until surgery
    Marquis Daniels (spine injury) - Most likely out for this season
    and the newcomer Luke Harangody (left hip) - Day-to-day

    I guess it was indeed all about 18.

  10. @shelby well thought out comment sir.. :)

  11. After reading about Krstic and Pavloviv all night I'm now obsessed with The Yugoslavian teams from the early 90's.

    PS. If you look up Sasha Pavlovic's hometown (Bar City, Montenegro) on googlemaps it looks like paradise.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Nice story, Jesse.

    By the way, Krstic became captain of national team of Serbia two years ago. At his debut in that role, young generation of Serbian team surprisingly won silver at EuroBasket 2009, and last year Krstic was also a captain at FIBA World Championship in Turkey. Serbia lost semi-finals against hosts, Turkey, in dying seconds - and then lost in match for the bronze against Lithuania.

  13. Gale says:

    Jesse Dampolo,
    Serbia and Montenegro really are heaven on the Earth.
    Sasha and KRS 4 are good contribution to Boston,I m sure of that,Sasha is good shooter,but he could also play solid defense,he is some kind uprgaded version of von Wafer...
    Greetings to all Celts from Serbia :)

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