We’re having another one of our famous Celtics Life giveaway contests this week and to help promote Score with a Song, State Farm has been kind enough to offer our readers a chance at some fantastic prizes.

  • $300 NBA.com gift card
  • $200 gas card
  • Adidas Boston Celtics Paul Pierce Revolution 30 Swingman Road Jersey OR Adidas Boston Celtics Paul Pierce Revolution 30 Swingman Home Jersey (winner chooses the jersey)

Yes one lucky Celtics Life reader will win all of that!

View State Farm’s exclusive interview with Paul Pierce at scorewithasong.com. They talk about his first car, pre-game rituals and more. The site also features an interactive instant win game, exclusive video interviews with Paul Pierce, LeBron James and other All-Star players, and a sweepstakes where entrants will get the chance to win a VIP trip to Las Vegas to meet NBA greats.

If you could ask Paul Pierce one question during an interview, what would it be? 

To participate in the contest all you have to do is leave a comment below asking Paul a question. The contest will start now and run through Monday March 28. To be eligible to win the above three prizes you must limit yourself to only one question for Paul. Anyone leaving more than one comment will have all of their questions disqualified.

State Farm will choose a random winner using random.org, but in order to verify the identity of the winner, you must either leave your comment "signed in" or if you don't want to sign in you can leave your name and a place we can contact you (for example your twitter address or facebook address). You can leave that information in the url field. We will contact the winner on Tuesday March 29th. I also must mention that I was hooked up with a $50 pre-paid debit card for hosting the giveaway, which will most likely be used on pizza or auto insurance. One of the two.

Good Luck!

JR 3/21/2011 07:17:00 PM Edit
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132 Responses so far.

  1. Anum says:

    Paul, what are your plans for the future in the nba?

  2. Josh says:


    Who is your favorite player to dunk on?

  3. Have you EVER been beaten one-on-one?

  4. Paul, if you could play a pickup game with any current or former (in his prime) NBA player, who would your team be?

  5. Camille says:

    Paul Pierce! How would you use basketball to change lives?
    -Camille Sabino on facebook

  6. Paul, Have you EVER been beaten one-on-one?

    (Sorry I had to post 2x, I didn't leave
    my Facebook page for you to contact me last time)

  7. bryan says:

    Paul, when on the road, what arena do you look most forward to playing at?

  8. Paul, did the birth of your daughter change your outlook on life and basketball and if so, how did it change you?

  9. DH says:

    In your experience, who has been the most difficult player in the NBA to guard?

  10. Paul, if you could have 1 Superpower, what would it be?

  11. Paul, who is your favorite Celtic of all time?

  12. What is the hardest team for the Celtics to beat this year?

  13. dastinie says:

    What do you do to prepare and get crunk for a game?

  14. Kathy Lu says:

    Paul, do you genuinely hate Kobe Bryant at all off the court?

  15. Paul, when did you realize you had what it takes to be a professal athlete

  16. .chuckT. says:

    'Mr. Pierce, what is your favorite thing to do to get away from basketball for a little while?'


  17. Paul, when did you realize you had what it takes to be a professional athlete? (fixed grammatical errors)

  18. Which NBA player is the toughest for your to guard?

  19. Eli says:

    Paul...why are you so amazing and unbeatable when it comes to the court?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Paul, if you were young again, and you were entering the NBA draft this year, which team would you want to draft you?

  21. Paul, I know that whenever you go back home to play that you receive much hatred, and that you don't let it affect you. But do you ever receive personal hate from old friends or distant family, and if so, how is it handling those pressures when you play or walk around on a daily?

  22. Alan says:

    Paul, What is your Pre-game ritual?


  23. Anonymous says:

    Paul if you had to get traded from the Celtics what team would you request a trade to?

  24. Paul, If you could play one person in the NBA one on one, who would it be?

  25. Paul, what was your most memorable play?


  26. Paul, do you ever wonder how things would be different had you elected to stay at Kansas for your senior year?

  27. Paul if you had to get traded from the Celtics what team would you request a trade to?

  28. Brad says:

    Pierce, who has been the most influential person in your life that has provided you with the most support and motivation?

  29. Paul, who do you miss more: 'Toine of Scal?

  30. Paul, would you think about playing 1v1 against me?

  31. Paul, will you continue living in Massachusetts post NBA or even considering taking a coaching posistion with the Celtics?

  32. Jack says:


    Paul, do you think you will star in a movie one day?

  33. Reean says:


    If you were allowed to be a celtic at any point in history what season would it be?

    Example : Paul Pierce: "I Would choose to be in the 1980-1981 season

  34. lkk23 says:

    are you at all supersitious?


  35. Johnny says:

    Paul, who was your favorite teammate in all your years as a Celtic. This could be your best friend while on the team or the player you most enjoyed to have on the court (not necessarily the best player).

  36. katerina says:

    how did that stabbing incident back in 2000 change your perspective on life, the game and winning?


  37. princey says:

    Twitter @princey1521

    Aside from the 2008 Championship season, what is your favorite Celtic memory?

  38. Anonymous says:

    Paul, of all the teammates you've ever played with, which one best defines celtic pride?


  39. austin gill says:

    Paul, of all people you have met during your nba career, who has been the most influential?


  40. C's Fan In Mia says:

    Paul, What Are Some Of Your Goals You Wish To Accomplish When Your Basketball Career Is Over?


  41. Blanca says:

    Mr. Pierce,
    What is one long term goal you hope to accomplish with The Truth on Health Campaign?

    Blanca (twitter handle is @kita_k1freak)

  42. Jake Tidd says:

    Mr Pierce,
    Who was your favorite NBA player as a kid?

    Thank you! - Jake Tidd, Celtics for Life!

  43. BRock says:

    Paul, how much of an inspiration has Bill Russell been to you as a Celtic?

  44. Jenda says:

    Would you tell us where the Fountain of youth is? Please?

  45. Jamie says:

    You've been with the Celtics since the beginning of your career. Many players would have given up and moved to another team in pursuit of that championship ring. Yet you stuck with the franchise through thick and thin. Did you see a vision of yourself winning as a Celtic or was it something you felt would happen if you wanted it enough?


  46. Bohemian says:


    What is the funniest trash talking sentence you've heard during a game and who said it?

  47. Hilary says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  48. paul you mentioned before you'd like to see the world when you retire from the game. when that happens, what would be the first place you'd go to and what's the first thing you'd do in that place?

  49. Ellam says:

    Paul, do you find it difficult to keep allegiance to LA while living and playing in Boston or has it become irrelevant?


  50. Anonymous says:

    Paul, who is the best trash talker in the NBA?


  51. Paul-
    Do you have any aspirations to becoming a coach after your playing career has ended??


    Jason Bootie

  52. Paul, What will it meant to you and your legacy as a Celtic to win another NBA Championship this year?

  53. Paul, at what point in your life did you realize that you were going to play in the NBA, or did you always just "know"?

  54. jasmine says:

    If you could play for another team in the NBA other than the Celtics, what team would that be & why?

  55. its me says:

    what is it like to know you are my favorite player of all time?????

  56. Stephen Siperstein says:

    Paul, What is your opinion on the state of the league today as compared to when you first came in?

    -Stephen (stephen.siperstein@gmail.com)

  57. Jordan G. says:

    Paul, what does Banner 18 mean to you?

    -Jordan (ygking448@gmail.com)

  58. Anonymous says:

    Paul, once you decide to go into retirement. Throughout your career, what do you want to be remembered for?

    -Paul Price (pprice1983@hotmail.com)

  59. Anonymous says:

    Twitter @vdpatt
    Paul, what was it like playing for Kansas in college?

  60. Anonymous says:

    Paul, as fans we all watch alot of basketball games, have you ever taken advice from a fan about the way you play your game?

    Mary Beth

  61. Pooh says:

    Paul, if at the end of last season Danny Ainge would have informed you, KG, and Ray that they would be getting rid of half of the team for all new guys. Would you have wanted to come back for this season?

  62. Nupur says:

    Paul, if you had never decided to play professional basketball, what do you think you'd be doing today?

  63. Joseph says:

    Paul, if you had to play for any team other than the Celtics, who would it be?

  64. Kenny P says:

    Paul, how has being a Celtic and being around legendary Celtic greats affected you as a person?

  65. Claire L says:

    will you marry me??

  66. @sweetnsourlady says:

    Who were you the LEAST excited about working with, KG or Ray when they first came to BOS? What preconceived notions did u have?

  67. Claire L says:

    will you marry me??

  68. Anonymous says:

    Claire, he's already married. But nice try..LOL :0)

  69. Tim says:

    What is your best HORSE shot?

  70. Lindsay says:

    what characteristics do you think are needed to be a leading, knowing tht you are the captain ?

  71. Lindsay J. says:

    Twitter @3pointshootout

    what characteristics do you think are needed to become a leader, knowing that you are a captain ?

  72. Paul, who is your favorite player in the NBA not on the Celtics?

  73. Britteny says:

    Paul, aside from the obvious of being a basketball player, what is one thing you wanted to be when you grew up?

  74. Paul, if it weren't for basketball, what would you like to be doing?

  75. Peter Roxas says:

    Paul "The Truth" Pierce, you've had many accomplishments all throughout your life and career, what would you say is your most memorable of them all?

  76. Peter Roxas says:

    Twitter @Mr_whats_goody

    Paul "The Truth" Pierce, you've had many accomplishments all throughout your life and career, what would you say Is your most memorable of them all?

  77. Michael says:

    Paul, not counting the Celtics, which NBA team has the best team defense?

    twitter @michaelcavallo

  78. Anonymous says:

    Have you considerate sign with other team,when you contrats ends??

    Twitter: RubelaCW
    Facebook: Rubelis C Wehbe

  79. Danielle says:

    Paul Pierce,

    If basketball/NBA never existed, would you play any other sport ? Or what would you be doing ?

    Twitter : IballwithRondo

  80. As a player, reading what the media has to say about you can either be a distraction or a motivator. How much do you pay attention to what's written about you in Boston?

  81. Cindy Lee says:

    Who was your basketball role model while growing up?

  82. Ruairidh says:

    Dear Paul Peirce,
    If you attended the West Country Cheese Festival based near Bath, UK. what would you expect your outcome on "best cheddar of 2011" be?

    Thank you,

  83. Kevin says:

    Paul, when you retire in 10 years :), do you plan on keeping yourself connected to the NBA, maybe a career in coaching?
    Twitter: kmathew92
    Facebook: Kevin Mathew

  84. Lani says:

    Hey Paul Pierce,

    Can you teach me, a 5 foot asian girl, how to do a lay up?


    twitter: rushed88

  85. Anonymous says:

    hey Paul if you could pick one player to play with that has their jersey retired with Boston. Who would it be and why?

    twitter: @chaser34
    facebook: chase colliton

  86. kunzang says:

    if you werent an NBA player...what wud u be?


  87. Ben Wachtel says:

    What is your favorite team to play against on the road?

    twitter: @bwachtel24
    facebook: Ben Wachtel

  88. eric says:

    Hey Paul how annoying was antoine walker?


  89. Justin says:

    Paul, How content are you with the way your career has played out thus far?


  90. gosia says:

    If you had to play for a NBA team other than the Celtics, which one would you choose?

    twitter: @kashamiraaa

  91. Jannie says:

    You're the last of Aigne's Picks, 20,000+ pts & 3pt Champ, which moment in your Celtics playing history is the most memorable? godivajcd@twitter & facebook

  92. JD says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  93. VN says:

    Paul, do you plan on coaching in the future? If so, what team would you most like to coach?


  94. Shawn says:

    Paul, What has been the highest compliment that you've been given from Bill Russell?

    Twitter @osu45804

  95. Darren says:

    who would you like to see succeed you at Boston?

  96. Awaz says:

    Hi Paul.! Do you know how much of an idol you are.?!<3

  97. chris says:

    Paul, you're unselfish, a leader, a champion, and a prime example of a professional in the NBA, and most importantly, the most underrated player in the NBA. When we talk about the best of all time, will your name come up?

  98. Paul, did you have any input on who you would like on the championship team of '08?

  99. Hey Paul, would you ever consider coming back to California and playing for the Los Angeles Lakers?

  100. Anonymous says:

    Paul, what are your true feelings on the mid-season trade, and do you think it will turn out good in the long run? -BoB

  101. Anonymous says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  102. Anonymous says:

    Paul what would mean more to your Celtic Legacy: Having your number retired or winning a finals MVP?

    twitter @realvinceluvara

  103. Paul, would you rather play amazing ball for one season and break most single season records but suffer a career ending injury - or - have a full NBA career but never shine as a star?

  104. Anonymous says:

    How upset were you when you found out that Perkins had been traded away? How is Jeff Green fitting in so far?

  105. Gem says:

    Hey Paul, if you could pick your dream NBA team, who would be on it?

    Twitter @MichelleM_3

  106. Brian says:

    Paul, If you weren't on the celtics which team would you most like to be with????

    @cashiez12. Twitter

  107. linda says:

    Paul, Who made the greatest impact on you in the game of basketball? downhilleremt@yahoo.com

  108. Anonymous says:

    Paul, What is your favorite memory from playing at the University of Kansas?

    @E_Bruns Twitter

  109. Adria T says:

    Paul, how has your leadership in the NBA made a difference in the basketball/surrounding communities?

    Adria Theoharides

  110. Landon says:

    How do you think your legacy will play out as one of the greatest Celtics of all time?

  111. Leighton says:

    Paul, out of all the tight games that you've closed out, what was the most memorable play or buzzer beater that you've been a part of?


    Twitter: RLeighton1330

  112. Anonymous says:


    Who is the toughest guy you have had to defend in your career?


  113. Anonymous says:


    Who do you think would help the Cs more down the stretch? Tony Allen or Perk?

    twitter: wconley11

  114. Paul what goes on in your mind when you are playing in the game??

    - Nas !

    ps. i just saw you last night at the Twolves game, great job out there !! :)

  115. Paul, what's your response to fans and other athletes claims that put you as one of the greatest Celtics of all time, right there with Cousy, Russell, and Bird?

    twitter: rajprashad
    email: rajprashad18@gmail.com

  116. John says:

    Paul, have you ever wanted to play a different position than SF?

  117. Paul, why is your number 34?

  118. Hey Paul, If you could pick one player from any team that is retired to play for the Celtics with you, who would it be and why?

  119. Donie says:

    Paul, to be one of the most under-rated stars in the league, does it ever bother you that you don't get the attention or credit you truly deserve?

    Twitter: donmecca6
    Email: donmecca6@gmail.com

  120. Anonymous says:

    Paul, how was it like growing up in Inglewood when there were bad things around you but you only focussed on basketball?

    email: adamfly94@yahoo.com

  121. Andrea says:

    Paul, what are the key aspects and qualities of sports that are good for children or anyone to learn from and increase self-esteem?

    email: andrea331@ymail.com

  122. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Pierce can you expound on the chemistry between your team and who is the one person on the team that you can really connect with?


  123. Anonymous says:

    If you could have one superpower besides raining threes on unsuspecting onlookers, what would it be and how would you use it?

    Darryl - furnaceband@gmail.com

  124. Anonymous says:

    Paul, after so many years in the NBA, do you still fill the thrill when you step on the court, the same as it was in your younger days?

    Doug - lenoxdj@muohio.edu

  125. Anonymous says:

    What is your favorite city to travel to for your away games?

    Devin -- dobrien@smu.edu
    Dallas, TX

  126. Anonymous says:

    Paul, who was the first person you called or texted after winning the championship?

    email: tdtom132003@yahoo.com

  127. Anonymous says:

    Paul, what is the most important thing you have learned from when you were a rookie to now?

    email: alorbe@yahoo.com

  128. Esmeralda L says:

    Paul what other NBA player you are most inspire by?

  129. Anonymous says:

    Hello Paul, I would like to know your feelings of the out come of the KU game?

  130. Shannon says:

    Paul, what was the best NBA game you have ever played in?

  131. JR says:

    Thank you to everyone who participated. We will announce the winner sometime this afternoon, so check back in then.

  132. JR says:

    Congrats to Bill Mercier on winning the contest! Bill's question for Paul was:
    "Hey Paul, If you could pick one player from any team that is retired to play for the Celtics with you, who would it be and why?" State Farm will contact you through facebook to arrange shipment of your prizes.

    Thanks to everyone that participated and thanks State Farm for sponsoring this contest. Check back in daily to Celtics Life for more great giveaway contests coming up.