Looks like Shaq just made this video to pay tribute to Biggie. They have a connection and according to Shaq, Biggie could still be alive if Shaq had held to his plans on the night that Biggie got shot. A lot more after the jump.

This is from the recent ESPN Outside the Lines. Shaq talks about how he was supposed to be at the party that Biggie was at prior to his death.
If I would have been standing by his truck, would the killer still have shot?

I've always asked that question.
Here's Shaq's original "You Can't Stop the Reign" video.

Thanks to Reean and DimeMag for the finds.

JR 3/09/2011 06:40:00 PM Edit
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  2. KWAPT says:

    No offense, but c'mon Shaq..you're not God-as much as you'd like us to think that..

  3. KWAPT I watched this and i don't see even the shadow of the point you might think you have. I'm not even sure I can make sense of the thought you tried to share. I don't see any point in this where anyone was playing god if that's what you were actually attempting to converse.

    If anything its a "what if" thought process many everyday people go through after losing a friend to circumstance.

    I found this very well done as a whole; with the key individuals giving input. I even like that track.

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